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Best Breast Implants – Newport Beach and Orange County, CA

silicone breast implant

Silicone breast implant

Even as an increasing number of women are opting for cosmetic surgery to enhance their breasts, newer breast implants are making inroads into the market. If you are among the millions of women seeking to improve your body image by way of these implants, you could seek a consultation with Newport Plastic’s Dr Hisham Seify, a certified cosmetic surgeon for advice on which implant to choose and what the procedure involves. The surgeon is accessible to patients in Newport Beach and Orange County, CA, and will first ask seek your medical history, examine your skin and the breast region before scheduling a date for the cosmetic surgery.

Kinds of implants

The most important choice you need to make with the help of your plastic surgeon is whether to settle for a silicone gel implant or a saline implant. Saline implants have been around for the longest of times, and are inserted into your breast through an incision; the saline is filled into the implant later. A silicone gel implant is made of a gel which gives a firm, natural feel to the breast and is a more preferred option. A new entrant to the world of breast implant is the gummy bear, which is essentially a silicone gel implant, but filled with a gel that is denser. Women who prefer this claim that gummy bear implants don’t wrinkle or crease as in the case of saline implants.


Your cosmetic surgeon  will be able to explain to you the levels of safety that each type of breast implant has. The argument in favor of saline implants is that in case of a rupture, it is easier to spot when a saline implant leaks. This is because the breast shape changes and the saline leaks out – the salt water is absorbed into the body and is said to be harmless. In case of silicone implant ruptures, you may not be able to notice it immediately, but it can be spotted through an MRI, recommended every couple of years. With a gummy bear implant, even when there is a rupture, there is no leak, and is therefore being preferred by  women.

Cost of implants and warranties

Saline implants are half as expensive as silicone implants, because of the cost involved in their composition. You could ask your plastic surgeon for a brochure of the manufacturer’s warranty, irrespective of which implant has been chosen for you, and study the fine print. The cost of plastic surgery performed to insert breast implants depends on which facility you visit and which surgeon you consult. Other factors include anesthesia costs, operating room charges and follow-up consultations. Insurance may not be a benefit you can claim because breast augmentation is a plastic surgery, but if breast reconstruction is taken up post cancer surgery, then you could claim insurance. If you are a resident of Newport Beach or Orange County, CA, you could visit Dr Hisham Seify’s office and seek information on financing options.

After the surgery

Once your plastic surgery is completed, you will be required to stay at the facility for a day or so. Post-surgery fatigue or soreness is normal ans nothing to worry about. See more procedures and treatments by plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify in Newport Beach | Orange County