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weight lossWeight loss and plastic surgery often go together.  Extreme weight loss has now become something that many people are aware, of thanks to the improvements made in weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgeries ranging from Lap Band to gastric bypass have become part of the landscape of American lifestyles. Few people discuss the after effects of extreme weight loss.

Weight Loss After Effects

One of the most prevalent aftereffects is loose and lax excess skin that appears to hang off of the body. Few would dispute that this can be rather unattractive and for many can have a negative effect on what should be a positive accomplishment after losing a large amount of weight. For most patients the most troublesome areas are the abdomen, lower back, buttocks, and outer thighs. For these areas Dr. Seify may recommend a body lift. As an ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon, well experienced in reconstructive surgery the body lift is a procedure performed regularly by Dr. Seify. During the initial consultation

Weight Loss and Plastic Surgery

Dr. Seify will assess if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. It is critical that patients who are considering this procedure are at a stable body weight and are no longer losing weight. This allows Dr. Seify to make recommendations without concern for extreme weight fluctuations that may follow after having surgery. It is also critical that patients are in good health which includes blood pressure that is well controlled and patients who are non-smokers. Smoking can have an extremely negative effect especially after procedures like a body lift, abdominoplasty, or brachioplasty (arm lift). For patients who are smokers, Dr. Seify will require at the very minimum that they quit smoking at least two weeks prior to surgery and four weeks after surgery. Smokers can experience complications which include delayed wound healing and compromise tissues at the incision sites. It is important for patients to have realistic expectations concerning the body lift procedure after massive weight loss. While Dr. Seify will tighten the skin and there will be a dramatic difference, patients must understand that some residual redundant skin will remain once the recovery is complete. Most patients who have a post massive weight loss body lift our extremely satisfied with the results and tell Dr. Seify that their self-esteem and self-confidence has been greatly increased.