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Breast Reconstruction Before and After Photos

breast augmentation reconstruction orange county newport beach Plastic surgeries involving the breasts are some of the most common plastic surgery procedures. Breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries are in very high demand these days by women who want to improve their appearance by getting breasts that are enhanced and look more youthful and perky. However, there are some plastic surgery procedures that are not done purely for cosmetic purposes such as breast reconstruction. One fact remains is that no matter what kind of cosmetic surgery the patient has decided to undergo, breast reconstruction before and after photos are extremely important. One sign of an excellent plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Hisham Seify is that he will definitely show you before and after pictures from breast reconstruction procedures to show you exactly what to expect. If you live in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, you can consult cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify. You also need to make sure you get breast reconstruction before and after photos that document every step of the process so that you can see all the post op reactions and injuries that you should expect.

Why women need breast reconstruction procedures

The most common reason why women opt for breast reconstruction surgery is after they have suffered from breast cancer that has lead to mastectomies. Even if the breast tissue has been partially or completely removed, some amount of breast reconstruction is required to bring back the normal appearance of the breasts. It is especially important for women who have had mastectomies to see breast reconstruction before and after photos so that their expectation are realistic and so that they are aware of the types of scars they will be experiencing. Breast reconstruction often involves many plastic surgery procedures such as nipple reconstruction, breast augmentation, etc. where tissue expanders, flaps, etc can be used and these procedures are often completed in separate surgeries. So breast reconstruction before and after photos allow women to understand what their breasts would look like after each surgical procedure. As there are many cosmetic surgery procedures involved, the risks with breast reconstruction surgery is also much higher. Scar tissue is greater with breast reconstruction and the chances of infections and tenderness is much higher. If plastic surgeons have images of every step of the recovery process and images of what the breasts looked like before the surgery, women who have decided to undergo the procedure will understand what their scars will look like after surgeries and will be prepared for the worst. Breast reconstruction is not an easy procedure to perform or undergo. This is why you need excellent surgeons like Dr. Hisham Seify to do your procedure for you – especially if you live in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA. There is a lot of time and money involved in such procedures and there are tremendous risks involved and patients should figure out if the results are truly are worth all the effort and pain. They must research thoroughly with before and after pictures and understand that even with breast reconstruction surgery, the breasts will not have the same feel and sensation. See more procedures and treatments by plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify in Newport Beach | Orange County