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Breast asymmetries are present in the majority of the population as either a very mild asymmetry all the way up to and including a severe breast deformity. For many people this may appear to be subjective; however, there are patients who have who are medically considered to have breast or chest wall deformities. For women these asymmetries or deformities can cause shame and embarrassment. Some chest wall deformities consist of a large dip in the center of the chest wall. For some patients this irregularity is also coupled with a lack of breast tissue on either one or both sides of the breast. When this condition exist something as simple as purchasing a bra is nearly impossible. For other patients, breast tissue may have grown at a normal rate on one side of the breast but on the other side of the breast there may have been little to no growth. In some cases patients can have asymmetries as severe as an F cup size bra on one side and less than an A cup size bra on the other side. Obviously, this can cause more than just a slight psychological concern. While these situations are likely to have occurred from birth; and are considered congenital, there is not a standard that requires insurance companies to pay to have these breast asymmetries corrected. Dr. Seify examines patients and completes the necessary recommendation to submit to private insurance companies to see if in fact insurance will cover breast augmentation surgery. While it is not always covered, there are situations and insurance plans that will cover congenital breast deformities. If you believe you have what is considered a congenital breast deformity and would like to see if it could be improved with plastic surgery contact Dr. Seify’s office and schedule a consultation.