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Breast CancerBreast cancer treatment is a long and tedious process. According to a recent onlinearticle a recent study showed that many patients feel the effects of the treatment long after it has been completed. According to the article treatment-related complications are seen frequently in breast cancer patients long after their therapy has been completed. Researchers analyzed the information from 287 Australian breast cancer patients and discovered that more than 60 percent of them had at least one treatment-related complication up to six years after their diagnosis, and 30 percent had at least two complications.

Breast Cancer  Treatment Complications Can Be Long Lasting

Complications consisted of reactions to radiation therapy in the form of skin rashes, weight gain, tiredness, surgery-related concerns, upper body complained and physical restrictions, and lymphedema (a painful limb-swelling occurrence). This report claims to be the first accurate accounting of the extent of the post-treatment problems suffered by breast cancer patients. It should serve as an alarm prompting medical professionals to action in a quest to find the best way to care for breast cancer patients.This is the hope of study leader Kathryn Schmitz, associate professor of biostatistics and epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Breast Cancer Treatment With A Team Approach

Dr. Seify helps breast cancer patients understand their options for breastreconstruction while taking into consideration existing concerns and complications they may be experiencing with their breast cancer treatment. Dr. Seify is effective in his treatment of breast cancer patients because he works as a breast reconstructive surgeon in conjunction with the team of other specialist treating the patient. This team approach is not only effective, but allows the patient to express concerns and issues and have them treated by the proper specialist. Patients are encouraged to explore alternative breast reconstruction options if they are a candidate. These could include some of the newest state-of-the-art methods using fat grafting and stem cell therapy. Dr. Seify is committed to being on the forefront of breast reconstruction advancements in his efforts to provide the best care possible for breast cancer patients.