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breast cancerBreast Cancer screening just got a huge boost. The long-awaited breast cancer ultrasound screening FDA panel approval came this week. According to a recent ABCnewsstory a U.S. Food and Drug Administration panel today approved the widespread use of an automated ultrasound medical device that would give doctors a detailed digital image of dense breast tissue, helping them to spot cancerous tumors.

Breast Cancer Ultrasound  Screening Another Option

Breast cancer ultrasound screening is closer to FDA approval. The FDA reviewed the safety and effectiveness of the Automated Breast Ultrasound, a medical device that uses an automated, digital imaging system to get ultrasound images of breast tissue. ABUS is designed to screen women with dense breast tissue, for whom traditional mammograms may not be as effective. “We know that mammography is limited by breast density,” said Robert Smith, senior director of cancer screening at the American Cancer Society. “Sometimes the glandular tissue is so dense that radiation doesn’t penetrate it. You can’t see anything.” The dense tissue provides an easy cover for tumors to hide on traditional mammograms. Some research estimates that about 40 percent of women have dense breast tissue.

Breast Cancer Ultrasound Screening Important for Women With Dense Breast Tissue

Breast cancer screening options are better when more women can benefit. The addition of more accurate breast cancer screening devices is welcomed in the fight against breast cancer. Dr. Seify educates his cosmetic breast surgery patients including those who have had breastaugmentation with breast implants, breastlift, or breastreduction, about the importance of breast health. This includes breast self exam which is advised monthly as well as mammography and if appropriate digital imaging. Early detection of breast cancer allows women the best opportunity for survival. As a reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Seify is intimately involved in both specialties of plastic surgery. This allows him to utilize skills that provide crossover benefits including taking advantage of state-of-the-art methods, techniques, and devices unique to each specialty. Patients benefit from Dr. Seify’s skill and expertise whether they are a reconstructive or cosmetic patient.