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plastic surgery newport beachLosing a breast or both due to a mastectomy can be a brave and devastating experience. Women who have gone through it are glad to extend their life, but with losing one or both breasts, it can make them feel like “less of a woman.” Luckily, there are options of regaining the shape of one’s breasts. One article for Eyewitness News mentioned a technique that a New Orleans plastic surgeon is known for in his New Orleans practice: “Here in New Orleans, Medical Watch as been there for 20 years as major breakthroughs in breast reconstruction were first used. Dr. Robert Allen pioneered removing a breast and making the new one from abdomen fat and skin, giving the woman a tummy tuck but leaving her abdominal muscles intact. We also followed him when the first and second pair of identical twins in the world had breast surgery. Abdomen fat and skin were taken from the well twin who had had babies. She got a tummy tuck, while the identical twin with cancer, who was not a mother and had no extra fat or skin from pregnancy, got a new breast.”  

Most Women Are Not Fully Aware of Breast Reconstruction

  women in businessThe article continued with how the process works on how they “create breasts out of your own fat from the hip, or a combination of the abdomen, hip and buttocks fat, or from a complete body lift. He was also on the forefront of being able to save the original breast skin, nipple and areola as Angelina Jolie did.”   While the option is there, most women are not fully aware of it. The article went on to say: “The doctors say it is best to have the reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy, whether you have cancer or not. But still, 70 percent of patients are not fully informed about reconstruction.”  

Dr. Seify Has Another Breast Reconstruction Option

  top doctors 2013 dr seifyWhile that is one way to have breast reconstruction, there is another option available such as Dr. H. M. Seify’s tissue expander and implant technique. The expander is placed on the chest wall deep down temporarily to create space that helps maintain a permanent implant. The expansion process takes place from 1 to 3 weeks or several months. After the expander procedure is done, that would ready the patient for surgical permanent implants. The surgical implant procedure takes about 2 hours. For a more in-depth read about the process, click here. The end result is natural looking breasts that complement your body shape. If you think this procedure is for you, call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Seify.
It can be a challenge when patients consider their reasons for considering plastic surgery. First, patients have to decide if they want to have plastic surgery and then they have to decide who will perform the plastic surgery. Once these two decisions are made and the plastic surgery is performed most patients move on with their lives are happy with their results and their plastic surgery journey is over. But, what should a patient do when a friend or relative tells them that they look fabulous and ask them what they have changed? Should they tell their friend or relative about their facelift, breast augmentation and breast lift, liposuction? Dr. Seify understands that plastic surgery is a private and personal decision; however, there are some benefits patient should consider when deciding whether to tell a friend about their plastic surgery and their plastic surgeon. First, patient should consider how difficult their initial decision was. They should remember the research that was necessary, the questions and doubts that they had, and the anxiety this caused. If they were referred by a friend they should remember how appreciative they were for the referral and how much easier the decision was because of the referral. Also, if the patient is uncomfortable discussing the specifics of their procedure there is no need to do that. A general response to an inquiry from a friend or relative when questioned about what they have done is perfectly acceptable. General responses can be as simple as; thank you, I had a procedure performed, with a plastic surgeon and had a great experience. It is a good idea to offer the plastic surgeon’s name as a referral adding… If you’re interested. Referring friends and relatives to your plastic surgeon when you have had a good experience is part of contributing to the greater good. Not so long ago plastic surgery was a secret and few people felt comfortable telling others. Now that this is not the case it has allowed more women to have plastic surgery with confidence and to make better choices by having referrals from friends and relatives. It is about the greater good and each plastic surgery patient doing their part to make plastic surgery a more acceptable choice and for more patients to be able to experience similar great results. Dr. Seify and his staff are deeply grateful for referrals provided to them. Patients who are considering plastic surgery are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation. Review all of Dr. Seify’s Procedures and Treatments:
In most cases plastic surgery patients are overwhelmingly pleased with their results. It is indeed rare that patients feel the need for a revision following plastic surgery. However, it is important for patients to realize that in some cases a revision may be needed. Dr. Seify discusses the possibility of revisions with patients prior to their plastic surgery procedure. Revisions are also addressed in the informed consent paperwork and preoperative appointment that is provided prior to surgery. For patients who have had surgery with another plastic surgeon and do not wish to return or are unable to return to the original plastic surgeon, it can be a challenge when deciding whether to invest in having revision surgery. Whether the patient is dissatisfied with a rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or liposuction surgery it is likely that they are considering what they have invested already. From a financial perspective it can be disappointing after investing thousands of dollars and still being unhappy or dissatisfied with the results. Patient should consider their level of dissatisfaction, the likelihood of acceptable correction, and the overall additional investment that will be required. In some cases having a subsequent revision surgery performed  will only yield a slight improvement. In these cases patients need to decide if the investment is worth a slight improvement. In other cases the revision surgery can provide a dramatic improvement. In these cases the investment is likely to be worth it because it will provide the end result that was intended originally. Psychologically it is easy for the patient to blame themselves or the plastic surgeon when the result is not as expected. The decision to proceed with revision plastic surgery should be viewed as an active solution. It is perfectly normal for patients to be apprehensive when having revision surgery especially after experiencing results that were dissatisfying. Dr. Seify explains to patients who are seeking revision surgery the benefits and risk associated with the surgery. While this decision is ultimately up to the patient Dr. Seify is committed to helping the patient make the best decision while considering the health aspects, financial impact, and aesthetic results the patient can expect. Patients who are considering cosmetic revision plastic surgery are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.  
The decision to have plastic surgery is a personal one. For many patients it is the biggest decision they’ve ever made for themselves. Often it is also the most money they had ever invested for the sole purpose of their appearance. Due to the nature of the decision and the finances related to it is easy for patients to minimize the responsibility they harbor in assuring a satisfying and acceptable patient experience. First, it is critical that patients research and investigate the skills and credentials of the plastic surgeon they choose to perform their surgery. Dr. Seify is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. His certification is from the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. This is the only certifying body for plastic surgery that is recognized by the American Medical Association. Plastic surgeons with this distinction may also be certified by other associations with the underlying requirement of the board certification by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This certification allows patients to trust that their plastic surgeon has participated in not only the initial educational and review requirements of the certifying body but also that they participate in continuing ongoing education. Also, patients must be realistic concerning their own situation and what they “bring to the table”. A plastic surgeon cannot perform magical results that are not within the scope of his or her ability. For example, if a patient requires a breast lift in order to have a satisfying and acceptable result for their breast augmentation surgery, and the patient refuses to have a breast lift and chooses only breast implants, the plastic surgeon  may not produce a satisfying result , because the patient has chosen an alternative outside of the scope of the recommendation. Patients must also consider their health situation prior to surgery. Although the patient must be healthy to proceed with surgery, Dr. Seify may inform the patient that there may be limitations that could affect their plastic surgery experience. For example, a patient who is healthy, but is a diabetic, may have some healing issues that are due to their diabetic condition. Dr. Seify requires a preoperative visit for every patient who is considering plastic surgery. It is the patient’s responsibility within this preoperative appointment to review all informed consent paperwork prior to signing the consents. Dr. Seify allows time for patients to have their questions answered and strives to address any remaining concerns prior to surgery. The overwhelming majority of patients have a positive plastic surgery experience. The more patients are prepared and except their responsibility within the plastic surgery experience, the more likely patients are to have their expectations exceeded. Patients who are considering plastic surgery are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a complimentary consultation.
Plastic surgery can become the topic of conversation rather quickly at a party or any other social gathering. Interestingly some will pipe up and admit to plastic surgery procedures they have had performed while others sit quietly. Others will chime in with third-party stories as if they have no personal knowledge whatsoever. The conversation will quickly shift to the “type “of person who would have plastic surgery. Most commonly it is thought of as a person who is vain and celebrity conscious. Perhaps it is someone who is desperately trying to hold on to her youth. In many cases the conversation will soon shift to what are considered to be plastic surgery disasters. Of course, this type conversation can be lively and go on for hours. The truth of the matter is; while there are some truths to a profile of the type of person who would consider plastic surgery the reality is the person who would consider plastic surgery is just like everybody else.

Get a Plastic Surgery Consultation

Dr. Seify consults with a multitude of patients for varied reasons as to why they are considering procedures such as breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, or facelift. It is not uncommon for patients to tell Dr. Seify that they never thought they would consider plastic surgery. Some patients share that they previously were adamantly against it. As an experienced American Society of Plastic Surgeons plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Seify has seen firsthand that situations can happen to patients that open up the possibility to plastic surgery much more readily. Reconstructive situations such as accidents and injuries or the diagnosis of breast cancer could create a situation where plastic surgery is the only way to restore not just an aesthetic appearance but also one that is functional. It is rather easy to pass judgment on what is considered acceptable as a reason for choosing plastic surgery versus what is considered over-the-top. Plastic surgery is, and always will be, a very personal decision. As the demand for elective plastic surgery has increased substantially over the past two decades more patients have chosen plastic surgery so therefore looking your most youthful and aesthetically pleasing has become the standard versus over-the-top. In Southern California, specifically Newport Beach plastic surgery has quickly created an added perk as a tourist destination. Patient should not fret over the type of person they would be if they chose plastic surgery. The decision should be made solely for personal reasons and should include the special advice and advisement of a board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Seify. Patients who are considering plastic surgery are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.
Have you given up on finding a bra that fits? Do you anguish over your breast implants that you had implanted back in the 90s? Maybe you have settled for the idea that your older now and having beautiful perky breast will make you look like you’re screaming “obvious implants ” to others. Believe it or not, a breast makeover is not just a great idea, it is an essential part of feeling good about the way you look and feel. Dr. Seify encourages patients during their breast augmentation consultation to embrace the idea of the type of shape and figure a patient would want if they had a magic wand and could create their hearts desire. While plastic surgery is not a magic wand and cannot produce magical results it can dramatically improve what cannot be improved through nature. The breast over time will sag as women age, loose breast volume, and fluctuate in weight. The overall aesthetic appearance of the breast is a manifestation of these inevitable conditions that will happen for every woman. A breast makeover or breast augmentation allows a woman to improve the shape of her breast surgically by using an implant to increase volume, firmness, and improve symmetry. For patients who have excessive sagging of the breast Dr. Seify can lift the breast with a breast lift and create a much more youthful appearance for patients. While it is agreed that a woman is not defined by the size or appearance of her breast, how she feels about her breast still remains a very important part of what contributes to a woman’s overall self-esteem and self-confidence. Choosing breast augmentation especially for older women can sometimes seem selfish and vain. As baby boomers take over the marketplace the choices they are making are increasingly becoming more and more based on aesthetics and the links to lifestyle and quality of life. This includes everything from dental implants instead of dentures, all the way up to breast augmentation instead of padded bras. Women are expected to live longer as life expectancy continues to increase. and they are increasingly becoming bolder about not accepting the aging of the body as an inevitable curse. Dr. Seify welcomes women who are considering breast augmentation at any age to contact his office and schedule a consultation.
Survival after lumpectomy following a breast cancer diagnosis continues to be promising according to a new study. According to an online article women with early breast cancers could have a better chance of survival with lumpectomy combined with radiation therapy than mastectomy alone according to a new analysis published in the Journal Cancer. It was not determined why women who had mastectomy had a higher risk of dying according to Shelley Hwang of the Duke Cancer Institute in the US. The discovery provides confidence in the effectiveness of lumpectomy treatments even for women who have aggressive early breast cancers. The study is effective because there’s been a growing tendency for women who were diagnosed with breast cancer to opt for mastectomy even if they have early and small cancers. The researchers suggest that there are specific groups of women, including those who are younger and better-off who are leaning towards mastectomy over lumpectomy to increase their chances of survival. The authors conclude that the study should reassure women in every age group and tumor types that lumpectomy continues to be a viable choice for women with small early breast cancers. For the study,Hwang and colleagues reviewed over 112,000 cases of stage I and stage II breast cancer diagnosis in California women between 1990 and 2004 who had either of mastectomy or lumpectomy combined with radiation therapy and were followed up to 2009. Over the entire study, women who had lumpectomy combined with radiation therapy were more likely to survive breast cancer than those who had a mastectomy. A major concern women have we choosing treatment options is the likelihood of recurrence of cancer. The perception is that it is less likely to recur following a mastectomy. The study proves that this is not the case. Dr. Seify encourages patients who choose lumpectomy to be encouraged concerning their options for breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction options can range from the addition of an implant all the way to that transfer. Dr. Seify will work closely with all treating physicians to help patients determine which overall treatment plans will work best for them. These decisions include not only the best treatment long-term but also the best options for breast reconstruction help patients return to as much normalcy as possible. Dr. Seify encourages patients to contact his office and schedule a consultation if they have been given a breast cancer diagnosis.
There are many gimmicks that are reported in the media as trends weight concerns cosmetic plastic surgery. One of the most recent included a supposed trend which included mothers and daughters electing for plastic surgery together. This incited a small media frenzy that included a rant from a woman’s specialty online blog. The blog was less than favorable regarding plastic surgery mother-daughter teams. The blog blasted the press release from a new your cosmetic surgeon who stated that the practice was a growing trend. The press release actually coined phrase generational plastic surgery. It touted the practice as a built-in support system with someone who understands what you are going through. The blog warned that there are many ways to tell your mother that you love her rather than paying someone lots of money to inject needles into your face or cut your body open on an operating table. While this blog is rather harsh against plastic surgery the blogger does bring up a valid point. There are many reasons to choose cosmetic plastic surgery; however, most would agree that having surgery to please someone else, even if it is your mother- is the wrong reason. Dr. Seify is careful to examine the reasons why patients are considering cosmetic plastic surgery in their initial consultation. Patients who are choosing plastic surgery are carefully advised of not only the benefits but also the limitations to the cosmetic surgery procedure they are considering. Patients who are considering procedures such as breast augmentation, facelift, or even abdominoplasty – which are extremely popular procedures, are encouraged to remember that the decision to have plastic surgery is a personal and individual decision. If patients choose to have cosmetic surgery procedures with their mother it is important for both parties to understand that their surgeries are individual. Even if the procedure is the same the results, recovery, and experience will be different for each patient. Being related, does not ensure that there will be sameness between patients. Patients must be sensitive to the fact that it could in fact create different issues including comparing results, experiences, and recovery. Dr. Seify encourages patients to discuss their concerns and desires with him openly and honestly said that he will be able to help them make the best cosmetic surgery decisions for themselves. Patients who are considering cosmetic plastic surgery are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.  
Breast reconstruction patients continue to have increased options for breast reconstruction as technology continues to offer new and innovative method according to recent article. These options include the ability to have mastectomy and reconstruction in the same day. This allows the patient to eliminate several trips back and forth to the hospital using tissue expanders to expand skin. Flap reconstruction uses skin from other parts of the body to reconstruct the breast and many women feel it looks more natural than a tissue expander. When patients are cleared by the doctors some are able to have breast reconstruction right after a mastectomy. This is where the plastic surgeon uses the remaining skin from the surgery to actually construct a new breast. The mother new and innovative techniques include fat transfer and stem cell surgical options. Dr. Seify has been selected to participate in several clinical trials for both fat transfer and stem cell surgical options. Because of his unique and diversified practice he is able to utilize some of the new breast reconstruction techniques and his breast augmentation procedures. Patients who have breast augmentation are reminded to be proactive concerning their breast health. This means adhering to the American Cancer Society’s recommendations for early detection. These recommendations include monthly breast self exam as well as a yearly mammograms after the age of 40. It is important for patients to understand the breast implants will not increase the risk of cancer however patients are instructed to follow the same guidelines for breast health as they would if they do not have breast implants. Patients who are considering breast augmentation or have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are considering breast reconstruction are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office and schedule a consultation.
For some breast cancer patients immediate breast cancer reconstruction is not possible. They may need to wait a certain length of time after their mastectomy before having breast reconstruction surgery. According to recent online article a Dallas news report shared that many women character prosthetics in the interim to help feel better about themselves. They highlighted patient who was diagnosed at the young age of 21. She had to delay her breast reconstruction based on her doctors’ orders. She along with other women shop at specialty store that caters to women who are waiting to have their breast reconstruction performed. There are prosthetics that are designed to fit a woman’s body following a mastectomy. Prosthetics that are available today are much more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than those available years ago. For most patients it gives them the self-confidence to be able to wait the 6 to 9 months that many wait prior to beginning the breast reconstruction process. While the ideal situation is to have a breast reconstruction consultation prior to having a mastectomy Dr. Seify assures his patients that once a patient is diagnosed with breast cancer she will be able to have breast reconstruction surgery if she is a candidate covered by your insurance regardless of when she chooses to have the procedure performed. It is important for patients to the assured that breast reconstruction is an option covered under insurance by law for any breast cancer patient. Dr. Seify explains to patients that the process can be tedious with the use of tissue expanders to stretch the skin so that it can accommodate a breast implant. For other patients that transfer without using an implant may be an option. The main point for patients to understand is that there are options available for them and that the law provides insurance coverage for breast cancer patients so that they do not need to worry about breast cancer reconstruction options being available to them following their mastectomy. Patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.
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