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Breast Implants – Before and After Photos – Newport Beach or Orange County, CA

Many women have body image issues which affect their self-confidence and the ability to socialize. They seek recourse to breast augmentation, which involves cosmetic surgery to insert breast implants through incisions. Also, women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer seek plastic surgery and implants to boost their self-image. One of the important decisions to make before opting for a breast implant is to decide what kind of implant you want. There are silicone gel implants and saline ones – the former more popular among women who want a natural feel. The saline ones are less expensive, while the latest in silicone implants, the gummy bear in slang, is made of denser gel and is more expensive. The size of implants also matters and you can seek an appointment with  cosmetic surgeon from Newport Plastic, Dr Hisham Seify,who is easily accessible for people in Newport Beach or Orange County, CA. You can also ask him for some breast implants before and after photos which can help you in making a better choice related to the surgery.  See More Breast Implants – Before and After Photos  breast implants before and after photos dr. seify  

What does the surgery entail?

The plastic surgery involves making incisions in certain parts such as underneath the breast, around the nipple area, under the arm or near the belly button region. Dr Hisham Seify will also explain to you the post-operative care you need to take and the cost involved in the cosmetic surgery. Digital photographs of your breast region will be sought by your plastic surgeon so as to assess the exact size. You may also be shown galleries of before and after images to make you understand what to expect once the surgery is completed. Once your cosmetic surgery is done, you will be required to stay in the  facility for a day and night, sometimes more. You will be provided with a surgical bra to wear till your plastic surgeon decides you can wear normal bras.

Post-surgery care

In the initial few days immediately after your cosmetic surgery, you may experience tiredness and soreness in the breast area. For weeks or a couple of months, your plastic surgeon will tell you not to take part in any hectic physical activity. Also, you will need to schedule follow-up visits and get your breasts examined to ensure there are no complications later.

The new look

You will be able to observe the enhanced nature of your breast only between six months and a year after your plastic surgery. The implants will take many months to settle down and the swelling will subside, eventually giving you an idea of the exact size of your breast.

Costs and financing

The cost of cosmetic surgery varies from state to state, and depends on the amenities provided at the healthcare facility you choose. Silicone gel breast implants are more expensive than saline implants and your plastic surgeon’s fees to perform augmentation also vary from one state to the other. Though you may not be able to claim insurance for a cosmetic treatment, you could if it is a breast reconstruction procedure post breast cancer surgery. There are financing options available and you could contact your cosmetic surgeon’s office for more information on the same. See more procedures and treatments by plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify in Newport Beach | Orange County

Breast Implants Costs – Newport Beach or Orange County, CA

Breast Implants Costs - Newport Beach or Orange County, CAThe cosmetic surgery method of enhancing a woman’s breasts by way of implants is called breast augmentation and has come as a huge boon for those with serious self-esteem issues. Choosing the breast implant that suits you most requires an understanding of the anatomy of your breast, your skin and your medical history including records of previous surgeries, if any. You can consult reputed cosmetic surgeon of Newport Plastic, Dr Hisham Seify before you take a call on the right implant. So, if you live in Newport Beach or Orange County, CA areas, pay a visit to the plastic surgeon to understand the costs involved and the procedures. There are two types of breast implants used during plastic surgery – saline and silicone implants. Saline implants use saltwater that has been sterilized while silicone ones have a gel that lends the feel of natural tissue. Gummy bear implant, which is a new generation of silicone implants are made of a denser gel – all these implants are FDA approved.

Costs involved

The cost of cosmetic surgery to insert breast implants depends on various factors – your plastic surgeon’s fee being one of them. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery figures for 2011 show that the national average fee charged by a  cosmetic surgeon for surgery with silicone gel implants was $3,694 while the fee for saline implant insertion was $3,308. The costs of plastic surgery vary from state to state and facility to facility – check with the office of Dr Hisham Seify at his Newport Plastic facility if you live either in Orange County, CA or Newport Beach. Cosmetic surgery costs also vary, depending on the implant that is being used – saline implants are the cheapest, while new generation silicone ones are more expensive, often double the cost of saline implants. The other factors that affect cost are anesthesia fees before cosmetic surgery, the medication, post-surgical accessories such as compresses and medical bras, follow-up tests and consultations. The operating room expenses could vary from one medical facility to another, as also the charges for outpatient and inpatient facilities. Sometimes, costs for the various amenities are included in the overall package, while sometimes they are charged separately.

Warranties, insurance & financing

Have you checked if your breast implants come with a warranty? Ask your plastic surgeon for the brochure to understand what you stand to get from the manufacturer in case of faulty implants. The other aspect that you need to check before you get your cosmetic surgery done is that of insurance. The cost of breast implants are not covered under insurance if your surgery is for aesthetic reasons, but if you are getting a breast reconstruction done post cancer surgery, then, you could claim insurance. There are financing programs that offer credit cards for healthcare, and your plastic surgeon’s office often has a tie-up with one such program. However,ensure that you make monthly payments on time or you will end up paying greater interest rates. See more procedures and treatments by plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify in Newport Beach | Orange County

Breast Implants – Newport Beach, Orange County, CA

Breast Implants – Newport Beach, Orange County, CACosmetic surgery that involves insertion of implants to enhance the size of a woman’s breasts is called breast augmentation – known in medical terms as augmentation mammoplasty. There are two kinds of commonly used breast implants – silicone gel-based and saline ones. The third kind of breast implant, called ‘gummy bear’ in popular usage, was approved by the FDA in 2013. Saline breast implants, made of saltwater which is sterile, are inserted empty into an incision made by your plastic surgeon; the water is filled later. A silicone breast implant has a gel which gives the feel of human fat and is the more popular choice among women who want a natural look for their breasts. The gummy bear is the latest type of silicone implant used in breast augmentation by your plastic surgeon – what sets it apart from the earlier silicone implants is that the gel is more firm and cohesive. Before you decide on the right kind of breast implants, you will need to consult your plastic surgeon on the procedure, risks, post-operative care and costs involved. Cosmetic surgeon at Newport Plastic, Dr Hisham Seify is an expert in the field and you could seek an appointment with him at his facilities in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA.

Breast implant surgery

The procedure involves making incisions in one of these areas:
  • Underneath the breast – at the fold
  • The nipple area – more precisely the region that comprises the areola and the nipple
  • Under the arms.
  • In the belly button region.
After the incision is made and the breast implant is inserted, the cut is sutured up, and you will be given a surgical bra and other dressings. Breast augmentation surgery only increases the size of the breast, but doesn’t correct sagging of the breast. If you want to add fullness and a lift to your breast, your plastic surgeon may recommend a breast lift surgery that is done along with breast augmentation or at a separate date.


It will take at least ten to twelve weeks before your implants finally get set and positioned in the breasts. You will have to continue wearing surgical bras for at least four weeks after your plastic surgery – but this depends on the speed of healing and you should consult your plastic surgeon  before shifting to regular bras. It is also important to schedule regular follow-up visits to your center  to get your breasts examined.

Costs involved

The cost of surgery depends on many variable factors – the location of your facility, the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia charges and other amenities provided by your center. Insurance may not be an option because breast augmentation is considered a plastic surgery performed for cosmetic reasons and not for medical/health issues. However, financing options are available, and you could borrow loans at low-interest rates. Your cosmetic surgeon and his office may be able to help you out with financing because they usually work with a set of companies to provide such options for those who may have to rely on external funding.

Mommy Makeover – Newport Beach | Orange County

Mommy Makeover Newport Beach | Orange CountyNewport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a dedicated practice in Newport Beach, California, providing safe and proven plastic surgery treatments. The practice is headed by Dr. Hisham Seify, who is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures. With nearly 13 years of post-graduate training behind him, Dr. Seify provides effective treatment for a number of advanced procedures such as breast implants, tummy tuck, and mommy makeover. Patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA and surrounding communities who are looking for surgical treatment from a cosmetic surgeon of repute may consult with Dr. Seify to learn about the latest treatment options available to them. Among his various achievements, Dr. Seify is also the 2007 recipient of the prestigious Sherrell J. Aston Award from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover is the name given to a set of cosmetic surgery procedures that can help improve the physical appearance of a woman in a comprehensive manner. As the name suggests, a mommy makeover is typically designed for moms who are keen to regain their pre-pregnancy figure with the help of surgical procedures. Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding can result in substantive changes to the physical appearance of the mother in many cases. Moms may experience major weight gain, develop excess fat deposits in certain parts of the body such as abdomen, thighs, and the arms, and may also experience loss of breast volume following nursing. Pregnancy may cause stretch marks around the tummy area, and the mom may end up with excess loose skin in the abdomen after the baby’s delivery. For a mom, this can be an unhappy experience to experience the loss of figure and shape, and appear relatively older than her actual age. For moms in and around Newport Beach and Orange County, CA, who may be keen to restore their body to their pre-pregnancy days, Dr. Seify may recommend a mommy makeover procedure. As an experienced plastic surgeon, he will first evaluate whether the patient is a terrific and proper candidate for this comprehensive procedure. A mommy makeover typically involves procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction surgery. The procedure will be custom designed to match with the unique needs and aesthetic goals of the patient.

Breast Implants

Pregnancy and breastfeeding may sometimes cause a loss of breast volume, and the mother may be left with deflated breasts. This can make the overall body figure disproportionate. The surgeon may recommend breast implant procedure to restore breast volume, fullness, and size. The surgery involves placement of saline or silicone gel based implants in the breasts. Implants are available different sizes, types, shapes and textures, and the patient can make an appropriate choice in consultation with the surgeon.

Breast Reduction

Some women may put on excessive weight following a pregnancy, and it may also result in additional fat tissue deposits in the breast region. Heavier breasts may cause distortion of the overall shapely figure, and may also result in pain, discomfort and restriction of movements for the mother. The surgeon may recommend breast reduction surgery as a part of a mommy makeover in such case.

Breast Lift

Sometimes the breasts may not lose volume, but the skin may lose its elasticity, which causes the breasts to sag. The nipples may also point downwards in such condition. A breast lift surgery may be advised as a part of a mommy makeover in such case. It may or may not be combined with breast augmentation, depending on the patient’s condition of breasts.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is commonly included as a part of mommy makeovers. Abdominal area bears the maximum brunt of a pregnancy in most cases. The cosmetic surgeon may recommend tummy tuck surgery to reduce excess fats, tighten loose, or separated underlying muscles and remove loose skin to make the tummy smoother, firmer, and flatter once again.


If the mom has developed excess fat deposits in specific areas of the body such as tummy, thighs, hips, arms, calves or neck, a liposuction may be performed as a part of a mommy makeover procedure. Dr. Seify recommends liposuction for his patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA and nearby areas if one or more areas in the body are uneven due to fatty deposits.

Body Lift

Body lift may be performed to enhance the overall body contour and reduce sagging skin in several areas of the body. This procedure can help a mom appear more youthful. The plastic surgeon may perform a body lift procedure in the abdominal area, groin, thighs, and hips. The condition of cellulite or dimpled skin in the thighs, hips or abdomen may also be corrected with a body lift. See more procedures and treatments by plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify in Newport Beach | Orange County  

Breast Augmentation Before and After Pictures – Newport Beach | Orange County

Dr. Hisham Seify is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He leads Newport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a state of the art practice for a variety of procedures such as breast implants, tummy tuck, and mommy makeover, among others. For his contributions as a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Seify has received the 2007 Sherrell J. Aston Award from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and surrounding communities may receive advanced cosmetic surgery treatments from him.

An Overview of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is primarily a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the size, fullness, and volume of breasts to make them appear more attractive and proportionate to the rest of the body. In some cases, the procedure may also be performed to correct mild to moderate issues of asymmetry between breasts. As a non-elective surgery, breast augmentation may be performed on patients who have experienced loss of breast tissue following a mastectomy or an injury. The procedure is not designed to correct the condition of excess loose skin that causes the breasts to sag. This condition can be corrected more effectively with breast lift surgery. Sometimes the plastic surgeon may recommend a combination of breast augmentation and breast lift in order to achieve more comprehensive results.

Ideal Candidates

The following women patients may be good candidates for breast implants:
  • Patients who have naturally small breasts, and are unhappy with the size and appearance.
  • Patients who perceive their breasts to be smaller, and are keen to enhance the size, volume and fullness.
  • Patients who have lost breast volume following a pregnancy, major weight loss or other reasons, and are keen to restore the breast size.
  • Patients having asymmetrical breasts up to a mild to moderate level.
  • Patients who have lost a substantial part of breast tissue following a mastectomy surgery or an injury.

Preparing for Surgery

Patients should research and learn about breast augmentation plastic surgery as far as possible, and address their queries and doubts during their initial consultation with the surgeon. Dr. Seify makes sure that the patients are completely clear about the various aspects of a procedure, whether it is breast implants, tummy tuck, mommy makeover or some other treatment. Patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA and nearby communities who consult with Dr. Seify will be in a position to make informed decisions about the surgery. The surgeon will conduct a medical evaluation, look and study the patient’s past medical records and previous surgeries, if any, and may even get some medical tests done. The surgeon may adjust current medications that the patient may be taking, advise the patient to quit smoking several weeks prior to the surgery, stop the patient from taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs a few days before the surgery, and obtain as a baseline mammogram conducted prior to the surgery. In any cosmetic surgery procedure before and after pictures can play a key role in helping a new patient understand the expected outcomes of the procedure. Most patients who are undergoing breast augmentation surgery for the first time may not have a clear idea of what kind of changes it will make to their appearance. They may have heard a lot about the procedure from their friends or family, but may not actually be able to visualize how the procedure will impact their appearance. The surgeon will be in a better position to explain the procedure and its outcomes with the help of before and after pictures. These are pictures of previous patients who have undergone breast augmentation and achieved satisfactory results. The pictures will include how the patient looked before the procedure and how the appearance changed after the procedure. Such images can serve as the clearest possible evidence of what breast augmentation can do for the patient, and what it cannot do.

Having an Idea

This allows a patient to form realistic expectations about breast augmentation surgery. Most patients with realistic expectations are able to achieve much better levels of satisfaction because they have a fair idea of what to expect from the surgery. The scope for disappointments is minimized. Sometimes two or more treatment options may be suitable for a patient, and before and after images can help make that decision of which treatment to choose.

Type of Implant

In case of breast augmentation, patients may also have to make a choice between saline and silicone gel implants, as well as choose the right size and type of implants. In such cases also the plastic surgeon may make use of before and after images to show the potential differences in appearance with different types and sizes of implants.
Have you given up on finding a bra that fits? Do you anguish over your breast implants that you had implanted back in the 90s? Maybe you have settled for the idea that your older now and having beautiful perky breast will make you look like you’re screaming “obvious implants ” to others. Believe it or not, a breast makeover is not just a great idea, it is an essential part of feeling good about the way you look and feel. Dr. Seify encourages patients during their breast augmentation consultation to embrace the idea of the type of shape and figure a patient would want if they had a magic wand and could create their hearts desire. While plastic surgery is not a magic wand and cannot produce magical results it can dramatically improve what cannot be improved through nature. The breast over time will sag as women age, loose breast volume, and fluctuate in weight. The overall aesthetic appearance of the breast is a manifestation of these inevitable conditions that will happen for every woman. A breast makeover or breast augmentation allows a woman to improve the shape of her breast surgically by using an implant to increase volume, firmness, and improve symmetry. For patients who have excessive sagging of the breast Dr. Seify can lift the breast with a breast lift and create a much more youthful appearance for patients. While it is agreed that a woman is not defined by the size or appearance of her breast, how she feels about her breast still remains a very important part of what contributes to a woman’s overall self-esteem and self-confidence. Choosing breast augmentation especially for older women can sometimes seem selfish and vain. As baby boomers take over the marketplace the choices they are making are increasingly becoming more and more based on aesthetics and the links to lifestyle and quality of life. This includes everything from dental implants instead of dentures, all the way up to breast augmentation instead of padded bras. Women are expected to live longer as life expectancy continues to increase. and they are increasingly becoming bolder about not accepting the aging of the body as an inevitable curse. Dr. Seify welcomes women who are considering breast augmentation at any age to contact his office and schedule a consultation.
Breast reconstruction patients continue to have increased options for breast reconstruction as technology continues to offer new and innovative method according to recent article. These options include the ability to have mastectomy and reconstruction in the same day. This allows the patient to eliminate several trips back and forth to the hospital using tissue expanders to expand skin. Flap reconstruction uses skin from other parts of the body to reconstruct the breast and many women feel it looks more natural than a tissue expander. When patients are cleared by the doctors some are able to have breast reconstruction right after a mastectomy. This is where the plastic surgeon uses the remaining skin from the surgery to actually construct a new breast. The mother new and innovative techniques include fat transfer and stem cell surgical options. Dr. Seify has been selected to participate in several clinical trials for both fat transfer and stem cell surgical options. Because of his unique and diversified practice he is able to utilize some of the new breast reconstruction techniques and his breast augmentation procedures. Patients who have breast augmentation are reminded to be proactive concerning their breast health. This means adhering to the American Cancer Society’s recommendations for early detection. These recommendations include monthly breast self exam as well as a yearly mammograms after the age of 40. It is important for patients to understand the breast implants will not increase the risk of cancer however patients are instructed to follow the same guidelines for breast health as they would if they do not have breast implants. Patients who are considering breast augmentation or have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are considering breast reconstruction are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office and schedule a consultation.
g O772DymCJrztxyRbMiLP9VXZEcv3UIdGFRjVsfRPFbJXdOmHj04llw8qHG fBHIBglxdj GpG8J EEyAJZCO9IFqcThere has been some talk in the news lately concerning the likelihood of predicting breast cancer risk based on the asymmetry between a woman’s right and left breast. According to an online article few women have perfectly symmetrical breast, thoroughly research from the UK suggest that the greater the difference in size, the were more likely the risk factor for breast cancer. In a study published in the Journal Breast Cancer Research researchers shared a report that stated each 3.38 ounce increase in breast asymmetry when measured by mammography garnered a predictable 50% increase in breast cancer risk. In the study the average breast size of the 500 and for women who participated in the study was 16.9 ounces and the average asymmetry was 1.7 ounces to 2.03 ounces as reported by one of the study researchers. Only one woman who participate in the study had breast that were exactly symmetrical. Colleagues also studied mammograms from 252 women were cancer free at the time of the mammogram but later develop the disease. An equal number of women with normal mammograms for women who had not developed breast cancer were also studied. The finding was that women who later developed breast cancer had a greater asymmetry than those women who did not develop breast cancer. Researchers hope to confirm the findings by examining mammograms from a much larger sampling of patients. If breast asymmetry is found to be a factor in breast cancer risk it may be due to estrogen. Based on previous studies it appears as though asymmetry is linked to estrogen but more study would need to be performed to determine the significance. Most medical professionals agree that breast asymmetry is not likely to be included as a risk factor anytime soon. Breast asymmetry is one of the common reasons patients choose breast augmentation. Dr. Seify helps patients to understand that rarely are to breast perfectly symmetrical. Adding breast implant either silicone or saline will not make breast perfectly symmetrical. The goal is to obtain a more aesthetically pleasing breast shape that is proportionate with the patient’s body. It is not uncommon for patients to seek breast augmentation following pregnancy. In some cases breast-feeding or the pregnancy itself could contribute to a woman’s breast asymmetry. Patients who are having breast augmentation following pregnancy are likely to combine the procedure with an abdominoplasty and or liposuction. Dr. Seify encourages patients to are concerned about asymmetry with their breast or their post-pregnancy body shape to contact his office and schedule a consultation.
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