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Breast Development Asymmetries

iStock_000009836956SmallThe natural development of a woman’s breasts occurs in response to her hormonal, genetic, and weight factors. Left and right breasts can respond disparately to the same growth factors, leading to breast asymmetries. Prior to performing a breast augmentation cosmetic surgery, the surgeon should carefully consider these aspects. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify provides state of the art surgical and non-surgical procedures, including breast surgeries. At the time of breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Seify will ensure that any breast asymmetries are also addressed at the same time. He provides breast implant surgery to patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and surrounding locations.

Tissue Restrictions during Breast Development

Asymmetry in the breasts may occur when the development of one or both breasts is hampered due to skin and tissue restrictions. If the tissue expansion is limited, it may prevent complete growth of the breast. In cases where the growth of breast tissue takes place with this restriction, it will cause expansion of the areolar tissue. This condition is called tuberous breast deformity. How severe is this condition will differ from one woman to another, and will have an influence on the shape of the breast. The size of the nipples can also vary in accordance with this asymmetry. The breast surgeon must account for these issues while making a surgical plan for breast implant plastic surgery procedure.

Gap between the Breasts

One of the common concerns for women seeking breast augmentation is that the gap between the breasts may increase after the surgery. But the breast anatomy and natural bone structure of the woman would already determine the gap between the breasts. The cosmetic surgeon can, in fact, try to narrow the gap between the breasts to some extent with breast implants. However, if an excessive attempt is made to narrow the gap between the breasts, it may cause other complications such as symmastia. In some cases, the nipples may point to the outside of each other. Women who have asymmetric inframammary folds before the surgery, the condition may persist after breast augmentation as well. Therefore, it is important for a breast surgeon to educate the patient about such pre-existing developmental issues and limitations, and how far breast augmentation may be able to address them. Dr. Seify receives patients from Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and nearby areas for various procedures of the breast, body, and face.

Breast Mound Asymmetries

The process of breast development might stop at any growth stage. For some women, the development of the breast mounds may stop at different growth stages, resulting in asymmetry between the two mounds. The breast surgeon may be able to use different sized implants to address this asymmetry. While correcting breast amount asymmetries, it may also be necessary to reposition the nipples and areolas. This can be accomplished with a breast lift surgery. Asymmetry of the Areola Complex Sometimes asymmetries may occur between the size and position of the areolas, even if the breast mounds are symmetrical. Such high-low variations of the areolas can become particularly pronounced after breast implant surgery. Therefore, the surgeon may recommend a breast lift along with implants in such cases to correct the asymmetry. See more procedures and treatments by plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify in Newport Beach | Orange County

Mommy Makeover Overview

Mommy makeover has emerged as one of the more sought after plastic surgery procedures in recent years. As the surgical techniques became more advanced, it has become safer and easier to perform major procedures such as mommy makeover. Dr. Hisham Seify is a board certified plastic surgeon providing mommy makeover among other procedures to patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and other areas.

What is Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Mommy makeover is essentially a combination of two or more cosmetic surgery procedures that are performed at the same time with an aim to provide an improved physical appearance. A cosmetic surgeon may perform this procedure for a mother who is keen to regain her pre-pregnancy figure. Following pregnancy and breastfeeding, many women can develop stubborn pockets of fat in specific areas of the body, experience breast volume loss, stretch marks and loose skin in the abdominal area, or other aesthetic concerns. In such cases, a mommy makeover plastic surgery can be performed on suitable candidates to restore a more youthful looking appearance. Mommy makeovers typically involve breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, abdominoplasty, body contouring or other surgeries to achieve comprehensive and long lasting aesthetic outcomes. Patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA and nearby locations have an opportunity to receive this treatment from Dr. Seify.

Suitable Candidates

Mothers who are in their late twenties to mid thirties constitute the largest demographic for mommy makeover cosmetic surgery. To evaluate a suitable candidate, the surgeon will check the patient’s overall health condition, previous surgeries if any, anatomy of various areas of the body that may need correction, and the patient’s personal aesthetic goals. The patient should ideally be a non-smoker or ready to stop smoking several weeks prior to the procedure.


A mommy makeover may include the following procedures performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon:


Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is one of the common procedures included as a part of a mommy makeover. During pregnancy, the abdomen gets stretched and many women will put on extra weight around the waist. Tummy tuck can effectively reduce excess skin and fat tissue to achieve a firmer abdomen.

Breast Implants

If the patient has suffered loss of breast volume following the pregnancy or breastfeeding, a breast implant procedure may be included as a part of a mommy makeover. This will increase the size of breasts and make the overall appearance more attractive as per the patient’s aesthetic needs.

Breast Lift Surgery

If the breast size is normal, but the breasts appear to droop or sag heavily following a pregnancy, a mom may opt for breast lift surgery. This procedure will involve removal of loose skin, repositioning of nipples, and raising the breasts to a more youthful level.


One of the most popular and effective procedures included in a mommy makeover is liposuction. This procedure can easily be combined with other surgeries. It can be used to perform targeted fat reduction from specific areas of the body to achieve the desired overall aesthetic results. See more procedures and treatments by plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify in Newport Beach | Orange County Click here to schedule a consultation or call 949-251-1502

Best Breast Implants – Newport Beach and Orange County, CA

silicone breast implant

Silicone breast implant

Even as an increasing number of women are opting for cosmetic surgery to enhance their breasts, newer breast implants are making inroads into the market. If you are among the millions of women seeking to improve your body image by way of these implants, you could seek a consultation with Newport Plastic’s Dr Hisham Seify, a certified cosmetic surgeon for advice on which implant to choose and what the procedure involves. The surgeon is accessible to patients in Newport Beach and Orange County, CA, and will first ask seek your medical history, examine your skin and the breast region before scheduling a date for the cosmetic surgery.

Kinds of implants

The most important choice you need to make with the help of your plastic surgeon is whether to settle for a silicone gel implant or a saline implant. Saline implants have been around for the longest of times, and are inserted into your breast through an incision; the saline is filled into the implant later. A silicone gel implant is made of a gel which gives a firm, natural feel to the breast and is a more preferred option. A new entrant to the world of breast implant is the gummy bear, which is essentially a silicone gel implant, but filled with a gel that is denser. Women who prefer this claim that gummy bear implants don’t wrinkle or crease as in the case of saline implants.


Your cosmetic surgeon  will be able to explain to you the levels of safety that each type of breast implant has. The argument in favor of saline implants is that in case of a rupture, it is easier to spot when a saline implant leaks. This is because the breast shape changes and the saline leaks out – the salt water is absorbed into the body and is said to be harmless. In case of silicone implant ruptures, you may not be able to notice it immediately, but it can be spotted through an MRI, recommended every couple of years. With a gummy bear implant, even when there is a rupture, there is no leak, and is therefore being preferred by  women.

Cost of implants and warranties

Saline implants are half as expensive as silicone implants, because of the cost involved in their composition. You could ask your plastic surgeon for a brochure of the manufacturer’s warranty, irrespective of which implant has been chosen for you, and study the fine print. The cost of plastic surgery performed to insert breast implants depends on which facility you visit and which surgeon you consult. Other factors include anesthesia costs, operating room charges and follow-up consultations. Insurance may not be a benefit you can claim because breast augmentation is a plastic surgery, but if breast reconstruction is taken up post cancer surgery, then you could claim insurance. If you are a resident of Newport Beach or Orange County, CA, you could visit Dr Hisham Seify’s office and seek information on financing options.

After the surgery

Once your plastic surgery is completed, you will be required to stay at the facility for a day or so. Post-surgery fatigue or soreness is normal ans nothing to worry about. See more procedures and treatments by plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify in Newport Beach | Orange County

Breast Implants – Newport Beach, Orange County, CA

Breast Implants – Newport Beach, Orange County, CACosmetic surgery that involves insertion of implants to enhance the size of a woman’s breasts is called breast augmentation – known in medical terms as augmentation mammoplasty. There are two kinds of commonly used breast implants – silicone gel-based and saline ones. The third kind of breast implant, called ‘gummy bear’ in popular usage, was approved by the FDA in 2013. Saline breast implants, made of saltwater which is sterile, are inserted empty into an incision made by your plastic surgeon; the water is filled later. A silicone breast implant has a gel which gives the feel of human fat and is the more popular choice among women who want a natural look for their breasts. The gummy bear is the latest type of silicone implant used in breast augmentation by your plastic surgeon – what sets it apart from the earlier silicone implants is that the gel is more firm and cohesive. Before you decide on the right kind of breast implants, you will need to consult your plastic surgeon on the procedure, risks, post-operative care and costs involved. Cosmetic surgeon at Newport Plastic, Dr Hisham Seify is an expert in the field and you could seek an appointment with him at his facilities in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA.

Breast implant surgery

The procedure involves making incisions in one of these areas:
  • Underneath the breast – at the fold
  • The nipple area – more precisely the region that comprises the areola and the nipple
  • Under the arms.
  • In the belly button region.
After the incision is made and the breast implant is inserted, the cut is sutured up, and you will be given a surgical bra and other dressings. Breast augmentation surgery only increases the size of the breast, but doesn’t correct sagging of the breast. If you want to add fullness and a lift to your breast, your plastic surgeon may recommend a breast lift surgery that is done along with breast augmentation or at a separate date.


It will take at least ten to twelve weeks before your implants finally get set and positioned in the breasts. You will have to continue wearing surgical bras for at least four weeks after your plastic surgery – but this depends on the speed of healing and you should consult your plastic surgeon  before shifting to regular bras. It is also important to schedule regular follow-up visits to your center  to get your breasts examined.

Costs involved

The cost of surgery depends on many variable factors – the location of your facility, the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia charges and other amenities provided by your center. Insurance may not be an option because breast augmentation is considered a plastic surgery performed for cosmetic reasons and not for medical/health issues. However, financing options are available, and you could borrow loans at low-interest rates. Your cosmetic surgeon and his office may be able to help you out with financing because they usually work with a set of companies to provide such options for those who may have to rely on external funding.

Breast Implants Overview – Newport Beach | Orange County

breast implants newport beach | orange countyNewport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a premier practice providing a wide range of plastic surgery procedures. Led by Dr. Hisham Seify, who is a board certified plastic surgeon, the practice ensures that patients receive safe, effective, and proven treatments. Patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA and nearby areas can receive cosmetic surgery treatments for breast implants, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, and several other procedures.

What is Breast Implant Procedure?

Breast augmentation or breast implant procedure has emerged as one of the most sought after procedures performed by a cosmetic surgeon. The procedure involves the surgical placement of saline or silicone gel based breast implants to make the breasts appear larger and fuller. The procedure may be performed for cosmetic breast enhancement for patients who are unhappy with the existing size of their breasts, or have moderately asymmetrical breasts. Patients who have lost breast tissue due to mastectomy or injury may also benefit from breast implant procedure. Dr. Seify provides state of the art breast augmentation surgery to patients in and around Newport Beach and Orange County, CA. Breast implants are not meant to correct the condition of drooping or sagging breasts. This condition can be correct with breast lift surgery. In some cases, breast augmentation and breast lift may be performed together for more effective outcome. Breast Implant Types The FDA has approved saline solution based implants as well as silicone gel based implants for breast enhancement. Saline implants are approved for women in the age group of 18 and above, while silicone implants are approved for women in the age group of 22 and above. Patients can choose the type of implants that are more suited their aesthetic needs. The decision can be taken in close consultation with the plastic surgeon who can explain the pros and cons of both types of implants and help the patient make an informed choice. Breast implants are also available in different textures and sizes to match with the aesthetic goals of different patients. Shape of the implants may also be round or tear shaped, and the patient can make the right choice in consultation with the surgeon. Size of the implants should ideally be in proportion to the rest of the body in order to achieve best results. Skin elasticity, body type, and breast anatomy of the patient are other factors that will affect the choice of implants. Saline Implants The saline implant shell is filled with a sterile salt solution. The saline solution is filled inside after the implant has been placed inside the breast. This allows for a smaller incision in the breast to insert the implant. The volume of the saline solution can be adjusted as the desired shape, firmness and feel of the breast. The advantage with saline implants is that in case of rupture or leakage, the saline solution gets absorbed naturally inside the body. The biocompatible solution does not pose any risk to the patient. Silicone Implants Silicone implant shell contains a highly cohesive and elastic silicone based gel. The feeling and movement of this gel mimics the effect of the natural breast tissue. If the implant shell suffers a rupture or leakage, the highly cohesive silicone gel will usually not escape the shell. In rare cases, it may happen that the patient does not come to know of a leakage, if the implant does not collapse. Periodic breast screenings are recommended to ensure that any kind of damage or leakage can be detected easily. As an experienced cosmetic surgeon for breast augmentation, Dr. Seify explains the strengths and limitations of both types of implants to his patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA and surrounding communities. New and innovative qualities in implants are introduced from time to time, and patients have wider choices today for FDA approved breast implants. Advantages and Limitations Risk of capsular contracture is inherent to the breast augmentation procedure, whether the patient chooses saline or silicone gel based implants. However, safety standards for both types of implants are high, and both have eared FDA’s approval. In case of saline implants, the size can be adjusted in the future, depending on the changing preferences of the patient. This can be done simply by adding or removing the saline solution from the implant by inserting a needle through a tiny valve in the implant. In case of silicone gel implants, the advantage is that many patients perceive them to be more natural looking and having a more natural breast-life feel. The highly viscose composition of silicone gel makes it safe because the gel will not escape from the implant shell so easily even after damage to the implant. See more procedures and treatments by plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify in Newport Beach | Orange County
Question: I had 500 grams silicone high profile implants place about 3 months ago. They feel a little too big and firm. I would like to downgrade them to maybe 425, maybe same projection but lesser diameter, since my ribcage is rather small. I am not necessarily looking for a conservative look; I just don’t want to look too big. Answer: You can exchange breast implants now with little damage. Since your implant was inserted only 3 months ago, it is possible to change to a smaller implant with little effect on the skin and breast tissue. Hope that helps!
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