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In most cases plastic surgery patients are overwhelmingly pleased with their results. It is indeed rare that patients feel the need for a revision following plastic surgery. However, it is important for patients to realize that in some cases a revision may be needed. Dr. Seify discusses the possibility of revisions with patients prior to their plastic surgery procedure. Revisions are also addressed in the informed consent paperwork and preoperative appointment that is provided prior to surgery. For patients who have had surgery with another plastic surgeon and do not wish to return or are unable to return to the original plastic surgeon, it can be a challenge when deciding whether to invest in having revision surgery. Whether the patient is dissatisfied with a rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or liposuction surgery it is likely that they are considering what they have invested already. From a financial perspective it can be disappointing after investing thousands of dollars and still being unhappy or dissatisfied with the results. Patient should consider their level of dissatisfaction, the likelihood of acceptable correction, and the overall additional investment that will be required. In some cases having a subsequent revision surgery performed  will only yield a slight improvement. In these cases patients need to decide if the investment is worth a slight improvement. In other cases the revision surgery can provide a dramatic improvement. In these cases the investment is likely to be worth it because it will provide the end result that was intended originally. Psychologically it is easy for the patient to blame themselves or the plastic surgeon when the result is not as expected. The decision to proceed with revision plastic surgery should be viewed as an active solution. It is perfectly normal for patients to be apprehensive when having revision surgery especially after experiencing results that were dissatisfying. Dr. Seify explains to patients who are seeking revision surgery the benefits and risk associated with the surgery. While this decision is ultimately up to the patient Dr. Seify is committed to helping the patient make the best decision while considering the health aspects, financial impact, and aesthetic results the patient can expect. Patients who are considering cosmetic revision plastic surgery are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.  
breastBreast augmentation surgery is never without risks. Even under ideal circumstances and the most skilled surgical hands complications can arise and breast revision surgery could be necessary. The most common revisions Dr. Seify treats these days are breast augmentation revisions that are secondary surgeries from other surgeons. Dr. Seify welcomes these patients for consultation and surgery with the goal of helping the patient get closer to their desired expectations. Patient should be aware that secondary procedures have a slightly higher risk for complications. Some of the most common reasons patients have secondary breast surgery revision are capsular contracture, breast implants that have not settled into the pocket, or breast implants that have ”fallen” too low.

Breast Revision Surgery Expectations

Dr. Seify explains that in most cases revision surgery will require an exchange of breast implants. Even if the implants are not ruptured, or deflated it is difficult to maintain the integrity of the implant without replacing it. In some cases if the tissues are extremely weak and the likelihood of holding the implant in place is not very good Dr. Seify may recommend strengthening the pocket using additional tissues perhaps from an additional implant or the patient’s own tissues. Dr. Seify is well-regarded for his unique expertise specifically with complex breast surgeries. For breast implants that have not settled into the pocket and are extremely high Dr. Seify may recommend releasing some of the scar tissue in the pocket which would allow the implant or implants to” drop” to where they belong. In this situation it is possible that the existing implants may remain intact and there would not be a need to purchase new implants. Patient should understand that revision surgery especially when performed by another surgeon will incur additional fees.

Breast Revision Surgery  at Newport Plastic Surgery

It is possible that the revision surgery may take longer than the initial surgery. Patients tell Dr. Seify their breast revision surgery allows them to have increased self-esteem and self-confidence that they were unable to fully appreciate after their initial breast augmentation surgery.  
flaxseed e1336667248495Breast cancer risk can be reduced with good lifestyle choices and a healthy diet. More studies continue to support the concept that many super foods are beneficial in reducing the risk of breast cancer. According to a recent onlinearticle dedicated to the power of natural foods there were 2.6 million breast cancer survivors living with a breast cancer diagnosis which is both personally devastating and financially exhausting. At a national level, the annual expense for treatment alone is close to $14 billion.

Breast Cancer and Natural Foods

Breast cancer researchers have found some natural foods that fight breast cancer. The standard approaches including treatment with radiation, chemotherapy and surgery are well known, according to the article there are effective natural approaches for prevention and treatment of breast cancer which can have a meaningful impact on the disease. One of these is flax seeds which are the richest source of plant based omega-3 fatty acids and are high in lignans and fiber all of which have been proven to help reduce breast cancer risk. According to breast cancer specialist Christine Horner, MD, in her book Waking the Warrior Goddess, “If you were given only one choice of a food to take as medicine, your best choice would be the tiny seed from the flax plant.”

Breast Cancer and a Healthy Lifestyle

Understanding the importance of food choices, lifestyle, and the value of exercise and how it affects breast cancer risks and survival rates is critical to women’s health. Dr. Seify meets with breast cancer patientsat different stages of diagnosis. Each patient is given a detailed consultation to help determine the best course of action following their breast cancer diagnosis. As an ASPS breast reconstruction surgeon Dr. Seify is committed to helping his patients understand their options for breastreconstruction. Dr. Seify has a long history of participation in major clinical trials for some of the most widely used methods used in reconstructive surgery around the world. Patients benefit greatly from Dr. Seify ‘s knowledge and skill in both the cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgery fields. Some of the advances in breastsurgery used in breastaugmentation have developed as a result of breast reconstruction methods. Dr. Seify and his staff encourage patients to embrace good healthy lifestyle habits which in turn will help them to receive the maximum benefit from their surgical procedure.
breastBreast cancer is much better known in women than in men; however, it can and does happen to men. According to a recent onlinenewsstory researchers reviewed 10 years of national study data on breast cancer cases, from 1998 to 2007. A combined total of 13,457 male patients diagnosed during those years were included, as compared to 1.4 million women. The database contains about 75 percent of all U.S. breast cancer cases.

Breast Cancer in Men Difficult Train

The men who were analyzed survived an average of about eight years after being diagnosed, as compared to more than 10 years for women. The study is not specifically state whether patients died of breast cancer or some other fate.  A summary of the study will be made in a presentation at a meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons in Phoenix. Dr. Akkamma Ravi, a breast cancer specialist at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, said the research elevates results in smaller studies and could help to increase awareness. Because the disease is so rare in men, research is fairly nonexistent, and doctors mostly treat it the same way they manage the disease in women, she said. The causes of breast cancer in men are not well analyzed, but many of the same factors that elevate women’s chances for developing it also have an effect on men, including older age, cancer-linked gene mutations, a family history of the disease, and heavy drinking. There are no specific guidelines for detecting breast cancer in men.

Breast Health Is Important For Men Too

People should remember that the most significant risk factor for breast cancer is breast tissue. Male patients should be conscious of the existence of male breast tissue especially if it is visibly larger then customary. Some men contact Dr. Seify because they are concerned with excessive breast tissue which is known as gynecomastia. Gynecomastiasurgery includes reducing the fat in the chest area as well as excision of the breast tissue. Often men will tell Dr. Seify that the enlarged breast tissue is an embarrassment and does not allow them to wear fitted shirts were to go shirtless. Gynecomastia surgery can be performed in about two hours(depending on the amount of breast tissue) and most patientscan return to a desk type job and 3 to 5 days. In most cases a compression vest will be worn after surgery for a period of time to help re-drape the skin and create a flatter more aesthetically pleasing chest. Gynecomastia surgery will not guarantee that a man cannot get breast cancer; however if excessive breast tissue is a concern especially if there is a lump or discharge men should seek medical evaluation.
tired woman 1Breast cancer diagnosis  for most women brings dread about the fatigue(among other things) that is widely considered to be part of treatment and the after affects. According to recent news story a study has shown that breast cancer related fatigue is not as widespread or severe as had been previously thought. According to the news story not many women who were treated for breast cancer feel persistent fatigue a year later, an Australian study suggests.

Breast Cancer Related Fatigue Is Generally Short Term If It Happens

Chronic debilitating breast cancer related fatigue is common after many breast cancer treatments, with some studies estimating up to 50% of women still experiencing chronic fatigue months after breast cancer treatment ends. Researchers in Australia organized a study to test how frequent breast cancer-related fatigue actually occurs among women with early-stage breast cancer who had surgery in conjunction with treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy. “The good news is that the vast majority of women who have undergone breast cancer treatment either never experience ongoing debilitating fatigue in the weeks and months after treatment ends or if they do, it passes relatively quickly,” said Professor David Goldstein of the University of New South Wales in Sydney.  Breast cancer-related fatigue is fairly prevalent but women can be reassured that in most cases, it is not debilitating in the long-term, he added in a press release about the study. For the study in April’s issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Goldstein and his colleagues followed 218 women for five years.

Breast Cancer Treatment Options Help Patients

Breast cancer treatment is a long journey. It is encouraging for women to know that if cancer related chronic fatigue is affecting them that it will get better and is not likely to be long-term. When Dr. Seify consults with patients who are recently diagnosed with breast cancer and helps them to create a breast reconstruction treatment plan, it is important for patients to discuss how they’re feeling both medically and psychologically. Patients who are recently diagnosed are faced with many decisions and Dr. Seify helps them to prioritize and make decisions based on as much information as possible from all of their treating physicians and surgeons. Breast reconstruction can be a long process and it is important for patients to understand the risk, complications and benefits they can expect. Just as with cosmetic plastic surgery ,expectations of the patient should be managed for the best possible outcome. Dr. Seify and his staff are committed to helping patients maintain a positive attitude and encourage healthy communication.
breastBreast cancer fears exist for every woman. They are magnified for women who received the now recalled PIP breast implants .According to a recent USnewspaper that published a story written by a plastic surgeon in Spain, breast surgery is the second most executed aesthetic surgery around the world. Many women are left asking themselves if their breast implant is the Prosthesis Poly Implant (PIP), which has been withdrawn from the market. These were never approved in the United States so the patients with cause to worry, should only be those who left the United States for breast augmentation.

Breast Implants Were Defective

Breast implants  manufactured by PIP were not approved for patients.The silicone that was being used  for the implants was not approved, and according to the analysis that was conducted, the breast implants contained a gel of lower quality, a greater irritation power, and a 5% rate of breakage (normal rate ranges from 0.5% to 1%). Additionally, according to the conducted research, the silicone used contained a fuel additive, ship material (Basylone) and two others used for the manufacturing of rubber (Silopren and Rhodorsil). Jaume Serra, plastic surgeon at the Hospital Virgen del Consuelo, claims that when one of these PIP implants is ruptured, the silicone gel will leak to the nearest tissues. He explains further that some patients may remain unaffected while others could have serious reactions. As an example, the liquid can create a sort of barrier or capsule around the implant, or lymph nodes can appear around the area, both would cause swelling,  pain, and discomfort to the patient .

Breast Implant Exchange for Ruptured Breast Implants

Breast implant exchange is  recommended when breast implants are ruptured.Patients who have the misfortune of having these implants are continually searching for their options for having them removed. Dr. Seify has treated patients who have required breastsurgery which includes breastimplant exchange for many years. The reason patients have breast implants removed vary greatly. Most medical professionals would recommend that patients with PIP implants who traveled outside of the US for their initial surgery should consider having the implants removed, and if at all possible to have breast implant exchange surgery in the US with FDA approved breast implants. Dr. Seify advises patients who are considering breast implant exchange that as a second operation there are different risks and complications that could occur. Dr. Seify is careful to explain the risk and complications to his patients as well as his recommendations to reduce the risk. For an implant exchange procedure most patients will also require additional surgical expertise. Dr. Seify will check for capsular contracture which is a hardening of scar tissue around the implant and in most cases create a revised and improved breast pocket for the new implant. It is that important that patients understand that the breast implant exchange surgery is a new surgery and therefore the amount of time required for surgery, recovery time, recommendation, and pricing are likely to be different than the original breast augmentation procedure. With the new FDA approved breast implants patients will receive a lifetime warranty on the actual implant as well as additional warranties including financial assistance if patients have a ruptured implant in the future.  
Breast implants remain one of the most studied and researched medical devices. It is important that patients understand the risk and concerns surrounding the FDA silicone cohesive gel breast implants. According to a recent industry article patients should understand there is a slight risk that could be associated with silicone cohesive gel breast implants .The FDA requires full disclosure to patients. The Food and Drug Administration recently informed consumers to an Association between Anaplastic Large Call Lymphoma, a form of cancer known as ALCL and breast implants. The occurrence of this condition is extremely rare; it is said that factually a woman has a better chance of being struck by lightning than developing ALCL.

Breast Implants and the Risks

This is not breast cancer, but a very rare condition involving the shell of the implant itself. According to the FDA Report, “with an estimated five to 10 million breast implant recipients worldwide, agency experts say the known ALCL cases are too few to say conclusively that breast implants cause the disease. FDA believes there are about 60 of these ALCL cases worldwide, though that number is difficult to verify.” Should a woman with implants panic? If you have no symptoms, the FDA does not recommend doing anything. Women should continue monitoring their implants and obtaining regular annual breast screening evaluations. The FDA does not recommend removing the implants.

Breast Implants and Lifetime Maintenance

Dr. Seify advises breast augmentation patients that annual breast screening evaluations are recommended for all patients who have breast implants. This includes those who have breast lift combined with breast augmentation as well. Patients are also reminded that they should be performing monthly breast self-examination as well as annual mammograms after the age of 40. Dr. Seify’s patients are encouraged to return for annual screenings of  breast implants at no additional cost to the patient. Dr. Seify offers this  service to his patients as a testament to his commitment to excellent breast health for all of his patients.
Plastic surgery combined with adventure? It appears as though, rich and famous socialites and celebs head to distant shores for plastic surgery for many reasons. An onlineindustryarticle reported from Huffington Post.com, February 28, 2012, that new companies have pushed the luxury bar and “jet set surgery” is a growing trend. “Jet set” not only implies away from home it also means a destination that is gorgeous, with perks like a personal escort and the promise of  an exotic vacation. People also travel abroad for plastic surgery, points out the Huffington Post, to have procedures that may not be FDA-approved in the United States. For example, different breast implants sizes and materials may not be available in the US for safety reasons.

Plastic Surgery and the Vacation Option

Plastic surgery and a vacation rolled into one has many challenges. Clinics abroad usually provide a lower price and the illusion of privacy but a plastic surgery/vacation has built-in red flags that could apply. Following surgery, you should be instructed to avoid the sun and physical activity, which are main vacation ingredients. Some American plastic surgeons are working to educate consumers concerning the dangerous pitfalls of these travel surgery options.

Plastic Surgery Options Should be Considered Carefully

Plastic surgery is a serious decision. Dr. Seify understands the allure of travel and plastic surgery together. Most websites and advertisements portray  an experience that is nothing short of exhilarating and exciting. It is important for plastic surgery patients to remember first and foremost they are patients not customers.Plastic  Surgery is serious and in every case includes the risk of complications. Patient should consider the possibility of aftercare and how that would be orchestrated in the worst-case scenario. With a thriving and beautiful plastic surgery practice in Newport Beach out-of-town patients are rather common for Dr. Seify. The distinct difference is that the patients are being care for by Dr.Seify , who is ASPS board-certified ,and the standard of care meets and exceeds US guidelines. This includes hospital privileges, as well as the accreditation of his surgery center. Patients who have had complications due to surgery that was performed outside of the US are often discouraged when they realize the extent of revisionary procedures that could be needed. As a plastic surgeon that specializes in surgical revisions including breast revision, and surgical revisions for procedures including abdominoplasty, facelift, and blepharoplasty, Dr Seify is keenly aware of the devastation patients feel when they realize that their vacation plastic surgery has resulted in an experience that does not resemble a vacation at all. Vacations and plastic surgery should not go hand-in-hand . We suggest the plastic surgery first so that you can enjoy a better vacation later.
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