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cheek liftIt can be confusing for patients who are considering facial rejuvenation when they began to research the surgical options including a cheek lift that are available. For most patients, it is natural to want the least amount of surgical intervention yet expect maximum results. Most patients are familiar with facial rejuvenation that includes a surgical facelift but less familiar with a cheek lift. In recent years there have been many modifications to the term facelift, mostly from a marketing perspective, however the basic reality is that a facelift surgically removes skin and in exchange lifts the skin on the face. A cheek lift is  a different procedure.

Cheek lift Is It Right for You?

Most patients have a consistent desire when seeking facial rejuvenation or a cheek lift. The desire is most commonly to look younger by eliminating wrinkles and loose and lax skin in the jaw line, face, and usually the neck. Simply put it is best when patients think of  the face in thirds. The top third includes the eyes up to the brow. The middle third includes below the eyelid to the jaw line. The bottom third includes the neck. This is the easiest way to understand which procedures will improve specific areas on the face.

Cheek Lift at Newport Plastic Surgery

A cheek lift addresses the area beneath the eyes down to the folds around the mouth. These are known as the nasolabial folds. They look like parentheses around the mouth once they become prominent because of loose skin. A cheek lift will correct bags beneath the eyes by tightening the skin and manipulating the fat beneath the skin. A cheek lift will also tighten the skin in the cheek area which often creates smoother nasolabial folds that are no longer visible after surgery. It is important to note that a cheek lift will not dramatically improve the jaw line nor will it address the neck area. In most cases it will not address crows feet on the outer corner of the eyes either. In these instances Dr. Seify will typically recommend Botox as an adjunct to temporarily treat crows feet on the outer corners of the eyes. Dr. Seify explains to patients in the consultation the importance of realistic expectations when choosing facial rejuvenation procedures including a cheek lift.