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Women’s health topics are of interest.Television doctors have become very popular over the last six or seven years discussing women’s health issues. Although the disclaimer that the television shows are for entertainment purposes only- is inferred, according to recent Los Angeles Times article many of the television viewers take the  doctor’s women’s health advice personally. According to the article television is a great medium for sports, reality shows, and American Idol, but the article warns about getting women’s health information from television, and reports that patients may not be as well-informed or as healthy as they think they are. One concern, says Dr. Steven Woloshin, professor of medicine at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, is that doctors who are experts in their fields, and he cites Dr. Mehmet Oz as an example, is a cardiothoracic surgeon as well as a professor at Columbia University. He claims that Dr. Oz and other TV doctors often discuss topics and women’s health issues beyond their areas of expertise and or certification.

Women’s Health Issues Make” Great TV”

“Just because someone’s on TV, just because they’re wearing scrubs, doesn’t mean they’re an expert on nutrition,” Woloshin, a specialist in internal medicine, says. He goes on to warn that television viewers should look at televised women’s health reports with a commonsense approach and always check with their own personal physician before making any major changes. He adds that while your personal physician  may not have a face made for television or be famous, your personal care physician will be most likely to know your specific body and the women’s health concerns that should be addressed, based on your specific health history.

Women’s Health Concerns Are A Part of  Every Plastic Surgery Recommendation

Dr. Seify explains to his patients that although there are many plastic surgery procedures that are featured on television they too should approach the information gathered from that source with scrutiny. Some plastic surgery procedures marketed toward women’s health, especially laser treatment services, are highlighted on the news as well as doctor entertainment television programs. Recently, chin augmentation, and Botox were just some of the procedures that were part of the women’s health buzz on most health-related television shows and newscast. Dr. Seify advises patients that the information seen on a televised report is often general and does not necessarily prove that the procedure would be best for the patient. Dr. Seify reminds patients that specific recommendations for patients concerning the type of plastic surgery recommended, are best achieved in person during a personal consultation with the doctor.