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Loss of vision as we age is probably one of the conditions everyone will face eventually. Vision is impaired as we age not only because of eyesight but for some patients also due to droopy eyelids. As the laxity of the skin on the eyelids becomes a greater issue with aging the eyelid skin can become so droopy that patients cannot see clearly. Unfortunately the body compensates for this and patients lift their brow eventually add habit without ever realizing that they cannot see well. Dr. Seify treats patients who have excessive loose skin on their upper eyelids. The procedure is called blepharoplasty. A small ellipse of skin is removed from the upper eyelid in the crease. The incision is sutured and well hidden in the crease. This lifts the eyelid and allows the patient to have better vision. A side benefit of the procedure is that the eyes have a much more youthful appearance once the loose skin is removed. If the vision is severely impaired for the patient there is a chance that the procedure could be covered financially by insurance or Medicare. Recently private advocacy groups have published some negative reports regarding the coverage of blepharoplasty by Medicare and or private insurance. In their published reports they have surmised that a majority of patients seeking blepharoplasty are really cosmetic cases just trying to take advantage of Medicare or private insurance. While it is understandable that an outside group may believe that plastic surgeons would falsify necessary information to have payment covered through Medicare or private insurance; the reality is that most plastic surgeons are committed to following necessary guidelines for submitting proper claims to either Medicare or private insurance. It is important for patients to understand that submitting their blepharoplasty claim to insurance is not something they should be ashamed of. If the claim falls within the guidelines of the insurer whether it is Medicare or private insurance then the patient has passed the necessary requirements and is entitled to have the procedure covered. Dr. Seify will submit claims for patients when he believes there blepharoplasty should be covered. Patient should be prepared to provide payment should be insurance or Medicare be unwilling to deem the blepharoplasty as necessary. Blepharoplasty is an excellent solution for patients who are living with compromised peripheral vision. The cosmetic aspect is a welcome to benefit. Patients who are considering blepharoplasty are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation. Review all of Dr. Seify’s Procedures and Treatments:
facial injectionsThe popularity of noninvasive procedures continues to soar. Most patients have come to expect safety no matter where they choose to have their procedure performed. Patient should be aware that there are little to no standards in terms of the safety of what many of come to call a Med-Spa. Dr. Seify operates a med spa within his practice under his supervision. He requires his medical aesthetician’s to not only carry a valid license but also participate in ongoing technical training so that their credentials are superior. Dr. Seify offers injectable services including Botox and dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. These procedures are performed by Dr. Seify using his surgical skill and artistic expertise to achieve maximum results. The medical aestheticians offer a wide variety of procedures which include laser procedures for vein treatment, hair reduction, and skin tightening. For many patients the results are visible in only a few treatments. Dr. Seify also offers cellulite reduction treatments for patients who have those concerns.  Patients can be assured that by being in a medical office close attention is paid to the medical aspect of every procedure that has been performed. Also, as an ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Seify is able to offer solid recommendations and contrast the benefits of noninvasive procedures versus surgical procedures. This allows Dr. Seify to manage patient’s expectations so that patients do not expect a surgical result from a noninvasive procedure. Patients are encouraged to make an appointment for consultation to discuss which noninvasive procedures will work best for them.
eyelid surgery patientEyelid surgery is a fairly common surgery .There are no guarantees with any surgery especially cosmetic eye lid plastic surgery. Unlike medically necessary surgeries the results and cosmetic or elective surgery are largely subjective and based on patient expectations. In some cases the results can be particularly disappointing. Blepharoplasty or eyelid lift surgery is a detailed procedure designed to remove the excess skin from the top of the eyelids and or the bags beneath the eyes. In most cases patients are able to achieve a much more youthful look with a wider looking eyelid and the removal of the bags or fat pockets beneath the eyes.

Eyelid Lift Complications

For some, the results are not as expected and the result can be extremely undesirable. This could include everything from eyelids that appear uneven to difficulty closing the eyelid. Dr. Seify specializes in eyelid revision surgery. It is important for patients to understand that the first point of communication is they are unhappy with their eyelid surgery should be the operating surgeon. If those results are not satisfactory then Dr. Seify is more than happy to consult with patient. It is common for patients to believe because they have already had eyelid surgery that their case should not be very involved. Many believe that it is “just” one adjustment or another in order to achieve a better result.

Eyelid Revision Surgery

The truth is every surgery is involved surgery. Dr. Seify must take into account the existence of scar tissue from the previous surgery and work delicately around that area. In many cases he must also address the functionality of the eye and be sure that it has not been compromised. While there is a chance that the procedure may be covered under insurance the likelihood is that it will not. This is especially true if the original surgery was a cosmetic procedure. Dr. Seify exam the patient and makes a recommendation based on when he feels he can accomplish in his hands. Patient should be prepared for a candid recommendation. If Dr. Seify is not comfortable with a reoperation he will explain to the patient the reasons why he is making that recommendation and in some cases offer additional solutions. For patients were unhappy with their eyelid lift procedure Dr. Seify encourages them to make a complimentary consultation appointment to determine if revision plastic surgery is a viable option.
Plastic SurgeryPlastic surgery in this day and age has an abundance of research available for patients who are considering plastic surgery; so, it’s hard to believe we’re still discussing the importance of choosing ASPS board-certified plastic surgeons. According to a recent online posting on the Business Insider  new numbers from the International Master Course on Aging Skin, IMCAS the worldwide cosmetic plastic surgery industry grew 10.1 percent  between   2010 to 2011 from $4.1 to $ 4.9 billion. Experts assume this exodus to plastic surgery to appreciate another 11.2 percent . This progression is specifically noticeable at a time when a  shift in health care spending declined at a near off the record rate as Americans persist to wrestle with unemployment, higher insurance bills, and absence of disposable income.

Plastic Surgery the Deal of The Day

Plastic surgery can only be performed by experienced doctors, Right? So, what exactly does it require for an ER doc to magnify his business to incorporate plastic surgery procedures like liposuction, or for a gynecologist to deal out the plastic suregery procedure, breast augmentation to patients? If you guessed years of classes’ preparation and certifications you’d be erroneous. Despite the complexities and complications parallel with these plastic surgery procedures it is shockingly affable to break into the marketplace. Today there are very few rules. This has led to a lot of doctors offering plastic surgery services they simply aren’t competent to accomplish. Inexperienced doctors are only part of the problem, it has become customary behavior in our society to consider cosmetic plastic surgery in a dangerously frivolous manner. When liposuction is offered on a daily deals site alongside a haircut and a manicure it’s easy to consider why so many take plastic surgery too casually. These misconceptions can further the gamble of serious complications. Plastic surgery has taken a whipping in the media in recent months from the European breast implant scandal to the scary number of plastic surgery gone bad stories. You don‘t have to look too hard to see a connection between untrained professionals performing cosmetic surgery to the number of botched procedures. Surveys reveal that reputable plastic surgeons across the United States are seeing an increase in redo’s for unsatisfied patients.

Plastic Surgery Revisions Go Up When Quality Goes Down

Plastic surgery revisions initially are a unpleasant experience. Dr Seify consults with patients who may be a bit embarrassed initially because of their dissatisfaction with their plastic surgery from a previous surgeon. Dr. Seify helps his patients understand that there is no need to be embarrassed. Often patients are misinformed and believed that their surgeon had the necessary plastic surgery experience and plastic surgerytraining for the procedure they were considering. Dr. Seify is uniquely qualified and has the experience to perform plastic surgery revision procedures for patients who have encountered surgical aesthetic complications from their plastic surgery procedure. Most commonly Dr. Seify performs revision procedures for breast augmentation and blepharoplasty. Patient should understand that while all secondary surgeries have slightly increased risk, it is imperative that patients keep an open mind when consulting with Dr. Seify for revision plastic surgery procedures. Plastic surgery revisions can be complicated and should only be pursued when there is a mutual understanding between Dr. Seify and the patient and realistic expectations have been set and agreed upon.   ___________________________________ Schedule your Consultation Today! More on Dr.Seify Become a Fan on Facebook Follow us on Twitter   
Plastic surgery is still growing in popularity, despite the fact that insurance companies don’t usually pay for procedures that aren’t medically necessary. While many common plastic surgery procedures are warranted by medical necessity, the top five most popular plastic surgeries are usually performed for cosmetic reasons. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were 13.1 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States in 2010, an increase of 5% from 2009. In addition, 5.3 million reconstructive procedures were performed, an increase of 3% from 2009. While they were not one of the top five procedures performed, facelifts saw a dramatic rise of 9% from 2009 to 2010, with almost 113 thousand procedures. 1: Breast Augmentation Breast augmentation, also called mammaplasty, has been the number one most popular plastic surgery procedure since 2006, with a 2% increase from 2009 to 2010. There were almost 296 thousand breast augmentations in 2010, with an increase of 39% over the decade. Silicon implants are making a comeback in popularity as well, having been used in 60% of all breast implants in 2010, up from 50% in 2009. Some of the reasons for breast augmentation include enlarging both breasts; replacing a breast that was removed as a result of breast cancer; making asymmetrical breasts equal in size, a condition that can occur naturally or as a result of breastfeeding; and congenital micromastia, a condition that results from breasts that don’t develop during puberty. Recovery time after breast augmentation surgery can be up to two weeks before a woman can return to her normal activities, or longer for active women who exercise vigorously or participate in sports. 2: Nose Reshaping Also known as rhinoplasty, nose reshaping was performed in over 252 thousand plastic surgery procedures in 2010, down 1% from 2009. Nose reshaping is usually done in order to resize the nose in accordance with the rest of the face. Other reasons include fixing cosmetic damage to a broken nose or in the case of a deviated septum, in which breathing is inhibited and can be surgically improved. Rhinoplasty involves removing, rearranging, or reshaping a nose’s bone and cartilage. The recovery time for rhinoplasty is about ten days, during which time the bruising caused by the procedure will heal. 3: Eyelid Reshaping Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, was performed nearly 209 thousand times in 2010, an increase of 3% from 2009. Eyelid surgery is performed in order to reduce wrinkles, reduce chronic puffiness, remove bags under the eyes, or to remove sagging skin for either cosmetic reasons or because it is impairing vision. Eyelid surgery can initially cause increased puffiness due to swelling, but this will be reducing significantly within about ten days, which is the average recovery time for blepharoplasty. The swelling and puffiness will continue to go down for anywhere from several weeks to several months. 4: Liposuction Liposuction removes fat from areas of the body in order to reduce body size. Just over 203 thousand liposuction surgeries were performed in 2010, a 2% increase from 2009. There are three types of liposuction surgery:
  • Tumescent liposuction is the most common kind, in which a saline solution is injected into the targeted area and then both the liquid saline and the fat are suctioned out of the body using a cannula, a small, hollow, metal tube. Fluid retention from the saline is a possible side effect of tumescent liposuction.
  • Ultrasonic assisted liposuction uses a cannula that releases ultrasonic energy that melts the fat so it can be suctioned out of the body.
  • Cold-laser liposuction uses cold laser beams to similarly melt fat before it is suctioned out of the body. It is less risky than ultrasonic assisted liposuction, which can cause internal and external burns.
Recovery time is one to two weeks, depending on which area of the body the procedure was performed on. 5: Tummy Tuck Otherwise known as abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck was performed over 116 thousand times in 2010, just a 1% increase from 2009, but a whopping 86% increase over the last decade. The reason for the drastic increase is because a tummy tuck involves removing excess skin—not fat—from the abdominal area, and many women who have loose abdominal skin post pregnancy are prime candidates from this type of plastic surgery. The recovery time for abdominoplasty is two to three weeks, slightly longer than other forms of plastic surgery, because the stomach skin and muscles are involved in most body movements. For physically active women, it may take even longer to resume their normal athletic activities. See more procedures and treatments by plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify in Newport Beach | Orange County
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