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MenopauseMenopause is a natural part of aging for women. Hot flashes are a common occurrence for many women during the process. According to recent NBCnewsstory a few sessions of behavioral therapy, even a “self-help” version, could help some women find relief from menopausal hot flashes, according to a British study. Study authors and researchers writing in the journal Menopause claimed that after as few as six weeks of cognitive behavioral therapy, over two-thirds of the women who participated in group sessions or self-help, had a “clinically significant” reduction in problems associated with hot flashes and night sweats.

Menopause Doesn’t Have To Be Unbearable

Hormone replacement therapy or HRT is believed to be the overall most effective treatment for hot flashes, but once the hormones were linked to increased risks of heart disease, blood clots and breast cancer, many women will only consider alternative therapies.┬áSome antidepressants have proven to be effective in cooling hot flashes from menopause, but “natural products” including black cohosh, soy and flaxseed — have largely failed to meet the rigorous testing of actual clinical trials. “These results suggest that cognitive behavioral therapy delivered in group or self-help format is an effective treatment option for women during the menopause transition and post menopause with problematic hot flashes/night sweats,” wrote senior researcher Myra Hunter, at King’s College London.

Menopause Can Bring About Other Changes

As women approach menopause not only are some plagued with hot flashes many women also complain about excess fat that has accumulated in places that it was not present previously. These areas usually include the upper abdomen, hips, and area above the bra line. These are targeted areas and diet and exercise are usually ineffective. Dr. Seify explains to his patients that the increase in fat could be due to hormonal shifts in the patient’s weight. Liposuction is very effective in these cases because it allows Dr. Seify to expertly sculpt the targeted area only removing the amount of fat necessary to create a natural and toned appearance. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure and patients must maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to ensure the best long-term results.