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As the aging population becomes a more influential part of the population is becoming obvious that getting older does not mean that patients cannot look their best. A facelift has long been the landmark of proof that a person is showing the signs of aging on their face. Many plastic surgeons perform facelift some patients who are well into their 70s and 80s. However, it is important to realize that there is a difference between a person’s real age and their biologically. In reality this can be a huge difference. Dr. Seify explains to his patients that the real distinction in whether or not a patient is too old for a facelift is primarily rooted in their health status. There are some patients who are 60 however there biological health is similar to that of a 90-year-old old because of lifestyle choices like smoking, excessive drinking, or less than admirable eating habits. This is when Dr. Seify’s medical judgment has to be considered when deciding whether or not to proceed with facelift surgery for this type of patient. When patients move forward with facelift surgery Dr. Seify is careful to inform them of potential risk that and possible complications that are related to the surgery and post surgery. For older patients Dr. Seify may work with the primary care physician to assure a safe plan of action for the patient. Also medical clearance performed by their primary care physician will be required prior to surgery. Patients who have cardiac concerns for example, may have a different plan of action because of the impact the surgical procedure can have on the patient especially with respect to the type of anesthesia that would be utilized. The results of a facelift on older patients are generally very good provided the patient is in good health. The patient must be realistic concerning their expected outcome. Patients must take their age and consideration when creating expectation for surgery. It is not likely that they will have a result allowing them to look 35 years younger than their real age. However secondary facelift procedures according to several different published studies can yield results for patients that allow them to look 7 to 10 years younger than their real age. With patients living longer, it is not uncommon for patients to have undergone two or three facelifts well into their 70s and 80s. Dr. Seify encourages patients to look and feel their best at every stage of their life. Patients were considering a facelift are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation. Review all of Dr. Seify’s Procedures and Treatments:
Breast cancer awareness for research and treatment is publicized heavily for the months of September and October. It is important to note that September is also considered National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. While it is a widely held belief that men do not go to see their doctor as often as women, according to recent article it doesn’t change the fact that they should. According to the article every year in the United States 39,000 women die from breast cancer and 30,000 men die from prostate cancer. Diagnosis rates of prostate cancer are approximately 241,000 each year compared to the diagnose rates for breast cancer among women which are 221,000.

Men’s Health Includes Appearance Too

One in six men are risk for prostate cancer and it is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States according to www.cancer.org . Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women in the US. According to the article breast cancer awareness is much more widely publicized thanks to the persistent and diligent work of many women. According to the article the reason is the  difference between the sexes. Most men are not comfortable sharing health information and consider it private. Medical professionals and survivors have made impassioned pleas to men to get tested for prostate cancer.  Contrary to what many men believe, even men who have been healthy with the right lifestyle choices (including not smoking or drinking, eating right and exercising) can still fall prey to prostate cancer.

Men and Plastic Surgery

Dr. Seify consults with male patients who often are reluctant to consider plastic surgery. Dr. Seify explains that cosmetic surgery performed properly will not cause men to look dramatically different than they did before. The goal is for the man to look more refreshed, more youthful, healthier than before the surgery. Most procedures that are performed on men are not excessively painful and are performed on an outpatient basis. Most men are able to return to a desk type position within 5 to 7 days depending on the procedure. The most popular procedures for men include gynecomastia surgery,(the removal of excess male breast tissue ), liposuction, and blepharoplasty(eyelid lift). Patients are encouraged to contact the office and schedule a consultation to determine which procedures would be the best for their specific concerns.
skin cancerSkin cancer prevention is an essential part of overall care. As we know more than ever about skin cancer it appears as though young adults are still tanning their skin and in some cases getting sunburned. According to an NBCarticle young adults are participating in activities that dangerously increase their risk of skin cancer, according to new reports for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2010, 50% of adults ages 18 to 29, and 65 percent of white people in this age group, documented that they were sunburned at least one time in the past year, the report said. In addition, 33% of white women documented using indoor tanning beds in the past year. Both sunburn and indoor tanning substantially elevate the risk of melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. Indoor tanning before age 35 increases melanoma risk by 75 percent, the CDC reports.

Skin Cancer is Preventable

While the money and effort to reduce indoor tanning have traditionally emphasized use by adolescents, “This study implies that as adolescents grow into young adults, they may continue to require environmental support to develop and maintain healthy behaviors and to modify their perspectives about tanning,” study researcher Anne Hartman, of the National Cancer Institute, said in a statement.

Skin Cancer and Premature Aging of the Skin

Skin cancer and premature aging of the skin caused by excessive exposure to the sun and tanning beds can often be the reason why patients seek a consultation with Dr. Seify. Dr Seify performs reconstructive surgery for patients after surgery removing skin cancer. For cosmetic surgery procedures  Dr. Seify explains that depending on the degree of sun damage patientscan expect varying results from facial rejuvenation procedures. For instance, a faceliftincluding browlift, and blepharoplastycan help the patient to look as much is 10 years younger after surgery.  For patients with extensive sun damage the results could be compromised. Dr. Seify offers medical grade aggressive skin peels and medical grade skincareproducts to help patients maintain healthy and vibrant skin. Patients are encouraged to utilize medical grade skin care products on a regular basis combined with sunscreen on a daily basis.  
Women’s health and anti-aging go hand in hand. As the public searches for new ways to fight the effects of aging both in health and appearance new super foods for women’s health are getting a great deal of media attention. According to a recentonlinearticle ,avocados have been known to have many health benefits. A new study presented at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology meeting in San Diego has highlighted that avocado oil could have anti-aging properties that could benefit women’s health much like those exhibited by olive oil.

Women’s Health and Avocado Oil

Women’s health and olive oil have long been linked to treating signs of aging and cancer. Now study authors in Mexico have discovered that avocado oil, which is much like the composition of olive oil, can also be used as a women’s health anti-aging agent.  Researchers discovered that avocado oil was successfully managing and combating the destructive effects of oxygen free radicals that play a significant role in developing signs of aging and women’s health. Researchers demonstrated that avocado oil was beneficial against mitochondrial free radicals which are for the most part not affected by the antioxidants derived from vegetables and fruits.

Women’s Health is Often Defined By Appearance

Women’s health and aging of the skin is one of the major battles. Dr. Seify encourages patientsto begin anti-aging treatment plans as soon as they begin to see the signs of aging. Patients can begin with minimally invasive cosmetic procedures including Botox, and fillers such as Restylane. Women’s health tips include a proactive approach to facial skin care.  For more dramatic and long-term solutions for facial rejuvenation patients may consider browlift, blepharoplasty, and or facelift. These facial rejuvenation procedures are meant to achieve long-term results. Through the years these surgical procedures have proven to be the one of the best investment values in women’s health. Longtermstudies have shown that patients maintain an appearance an average of 7 to 10 years younger than their stated age after having surgical facial rejuvenation procedures. Dr. Seify explains that it is important for patients to understand the type of facelift or other facial rejuvenation procedure that is being recommended. As an ASPS  board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Seify is able to utilize skills used in both facial reconstructive surgery as well as cosmetic facial surgery to achieve the best possible aesthetic results.
Plastic SurgeryPlastic surgery in this day and age has an abundance of research available for patients who are considering plastic surgery; so, it’s hard to believe we’re still discussing the importance of choosing ASPS board-certified plastic surgeons. According to a recent online posting on the Business Insider  new numbers from the International Master Course on Aging Skin, IMCAS the worldwide cosmetic plastic surgery industry grew 10.1 percent  between   2010 to 2011 from $4.1 to $ 4.9 billion. Experts assume this exodus to plastic surgery to appreciate another 11.2 percent . This progression is specifically noticeable at a time when a  shift in health care spending declined at a near off the record rate as Americans persist to wrestle with unemployment, higher insurance bills, and absence of disposable income.

Plastic Surgery the Deal of The Day

Plastic surgery can only be performed by experienced doctors, Right? So, what exactly does it require for an ER doc to magnify his business to incorporate plastic surgery procedures like liposuction, or for a gynecologist to deal out the plastic suregery procedure, breast augmentation to patients? If you guessed years of classes’ preparation and certifications you’d be erroneous. Despite the complexities and complications parallel with these plastic surgery procedures it is shockingly affable to break into the marketplace. Today there are very few rules. This has led to a lot of doctors offering plastic surgery services they simply aren’t competent to accomplish. Inexperienced doctors are only part of the problem, it has become customary behavior in our society to consider cosmetic plastic surgery in a dangerously frivolous manner. When liposuction is offered on a daily deals site alongside a haircut and a manicure it’s easy to consider why so many take plastic surgery too casually. These misconceptions can further the gamble of serious complications. Plastic surgery has taken a whipping in the media in recent months from the European breast implant scandal to the scary number of plastic surgery gone bad stories. You don‘t have to look too hard to see a connection between untrained professionals performing cosmetic surgery to the number of botched procedures. Surveys reveal that reputable plastic surgeons across the United States are seeing an increase in redo’s for unsatisfied patients.

Plastic Surgery Revisions Go Up When Quality Goes Down

Plastic surgery revisions initially are a unpleasant experience. Dr Seify consults with patients who may be a bit embarrassed initially because of their dissatisfaction with their plastic surgery from a previous surgeon. Dr. Seify helps his patients understand that there is no need to be embarrassed. Often patients are misinformed and believed that their surgeon had the necessary plastic surgery experience and plastic surgerytraining for the procedure they were considering. Dr. Seify is uniquely qualified and has the experience to perform plastic surgery revision procedures for patients who have encountered surgical aesthetic complications from their plastic surgery procedure. Most commonly Dr. Seify performs revision procedures for breast augmentation and blepharoplasty. Patient should understand that while all secondary surgeries have slightly increased risk, it is imperative that patients keep an open mind when consulting with Dr. Seify for revision plastic surgery procedures. Plastic surgery revisions can be complicated and should only be pursued when there is a mutual understanding between Dr. Seify and the patient and realistic expectations have been set and agreed upon.   ___________________________________ Schedule your Consultation Today! More on Dr.Seify Become a Fan on Facebook Follow us on Twitter   
Before and after photos highlighting our successful upper and lower blepharoplasty procedure on a 38-year-old woman. Before Photo: Blepharoplasty Lower   After Photo: Blepharoplasty Lower