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Having a baby is a life changing event for women. There is no way to be prepared for the many changes that women face as new mothers. Physically throughout the pregnancy a woman has watched her body change significantly. This is part of pregnancy; however, the changes can be dramatic. After giving birth for most women ”getting their pre-pregnancy body back” is at the top of the list. Getting into the gym, beginning and maintaining the proper diet all while taking care of the new baby is considered normal for many new mothers. After period of time while there has been improvement some women are still dissatisfied with the aesthetic appearance of their body. For some there could be significant sagging in the breast and loose and lax skin on the abdomen. These are the women who are likely to consider what is come to be known as the “mommy makeover”. The mommy makeover is a combination of some or all of the following procedures; breast augmentation, breast lift, abdominoplasty, and liposuction. Dr. Seify explains that it is important to choose the right procedures for the patient based on the patient’s expectations and desires. The mommy makeover allows patients to have one recovery and a dramatically different result in the overall shape and contour of their body.

What is included in a Mommy Makeover?

Patients who are concerned with loose and lax skin on their breast due to the stretching of the skin and loss of volume are likely to need a breast lift. This can be combined with breast augmentation and Dr. Seify will assess if the patient is a good candidate for both procedures to be performed together. Dr. Seify will recommend the proper breast lift for the patient based on the degree of laxity on the breast. The abdominoplasty or tummy tuck that is performed in conjunction with the breast surgery could be either a mini tummy tuck or a full of abdominoplasty. This too is based on the patient. It is important for patients to allow for ample time for recovery. This includes making sure that the new baby, household chores, and work schedules will allow a proper recovery. For most patients allowing two weeks is sufficient. The mommy makeover will allow most women to yield a more aesthetically pleasing body shape then they had prior to pregnancy. Patients who are considering the mommy makeover are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.
The decision to have plastic surgery is a personal one. There are many list of questions circling the Internet and other sources task the plastic surgeon. There are also questions a patient should ask of themselves before considering plastic surgery. Here are just a few:
  1. Is my health good enough to have plastic surgery?

The health of the patient is one of the most critical parts of plastic surgery. Dr. Seify will require a in depth patient intake form that will ask specific medical history questions. Patients to omit important medical information when considering plastic surgery could face serious consequences down the road. Dr. Seify needs to be fully aware of any medical conditions or medications that may interfere with surgery. This includes previous surgeries including cosmetic surgeries. Once the surgery is being performed the plastic surgeon will be able to easily see if previous surgeries have been performed; however, not being aware puts the surgeon at a disadvantage

  1. What is the name of the procedure I am having performed?

This can be especially important for patients who believe they’re comparing procedures between different plastic surgeons. Dr. Seify is committed to patients having a full understanding of not only the procedures that are being performed but also why he is made the recommendation. It is important for patients to trust the recommendation as his based on what he is comfortable with in his hands. The recommendation is in no way intended to dispute another plastic surgeons recommendation.

3. What can I expect…? The good and the bad Realistic expectations I wanted the most important aspects of cosmetic plastic surgery. Since the procedures are not performed as a chore or for healing the results are largely subjective. It is important for patients to separate the emotion from reality when framing their expectations of plastic surgery. Dr. Seify explains to patients that he is unable to make them look like someone else or literally reverse the aging process. Plastic surgery is even in the best of circumstances not an exact science. Patients can expect results that are likely but no one can guarantee a specific result. All surgeries have risks. Cosmetic plastic surgeries performed on patients who are healthy have very low risks of complications. But, there are risks and patients are given written information listing all of the known risk and complications of each surgery. The information is reviewed with each patient prior to surgery. Are you a you These are only a few of the questions patients should ask themselves prior to plastic surgery. The purpose of the initial consultation is for patients to feel comfortable asking questions and determining if there is a good fit with Dr. Seify and the patient. The plastic surgery experience should be a pleasant one and patients who proceed with cosmetic plastic surgery procedures with a positive attitude and trust the process are likely to be the most satisfied with the experience as well as the outcome. Patients who are considering cosmetic plastic surgery procedures including facelift, abdominoplasty, and breast augmentation are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office to see which cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are best for them.
womenWomen‘s health appears to be better for those who work full-time than those who are stay at home mothers or part-time workers according to a new study. According to a recent article they have better mental and physical health. Researchers from the University of Akron and Penn State University discovered that women who return to work soon after having children have more energy and mobility and less depression at 40 years of age. “Work is good for your health, both mentally and physically. It gives women a sense of purpose, self-efficacy, control and autonomy. Women have a place where they are an expert on something, and they’re paid a wage,” study author Adrianne Frech, an assistant sociology professor, said in an American Sociological Association news release.

Women Who Work Maintain Their Health Better

Making good choices was also emphasized as part of the way to ensure better mental health for women. The findings were scheduled to be presented Sunday at the American Sociological Association annual meeting in Denver, Colorado. The findings are preliminary and should be viewed as such until published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Working Women Consider Plastic Surgery

Working moms consult with Dr. Seify when they become concerned most commonly with the contour and shape of their body. Many have postponed cosmetic surgery enhancements as motherhood and work have been a priority. For many women they are pleased to learn that with careful planning they can have the cosmetic surgery procedure they desire while working and caring for their family. The most popular cosmetic surgery procedure among this group of women is what is known as the “mommy makeover.” The mommy makeover is a combination of procedures which include an abdominoplasty and breast augmentation. The abdominoplasty takes care of loose and lax skin on the abdomen. Breast augmentation, usually using breast implants helps women to regain their prepregnancy shape and contour of their breast. For most patients the recovery time is about 14 days before returning to a desk type of position. Dr. Seify works closely with his patients to help them schedule their surgery within their lifestyle, schedule, and prior commitments. This is the best way to ensure an enjoyable patient plastic surgery experience.
plastic surgeryPlastic surgery after weight loss is something that many patients are not prepared to think about prior to their weight loss. Most patients are surprised to see the changes that can occur after losing a significant amount of their body weight. With the popularity of procedures like Lap Band and gastric bypass patients are now losing a significant amount  of weight relatively rapidly. This can increase the chances of significant loose and lax skin on certain areas of the body. Many patients who have had weight loss surgery say that they were never fully informed about the plastic surgery options available following massive weight loss. Most patients experience some degree of skin laxity that is noticeable on their upper arms, abdomen, and breast. Typically, this patient population has not considered cosmetic plastic surgery previously, and for most this is a first time they have ventured into considering cosmetic plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss – A New Experience

It is important for patients to understand that post massive weight loss surgery is not a simple process. The procedures are generally reconstructive in nature although the insurance companies may not classify them as such. For most patients the procedures are not straightforward and combining procedures that are complex can prolong recovery periods unnecessarily and increase the risk of complications. Patient should consider plastic surgeons with an extensive reconstructive background as well as ASPS board certification.

Plastic Surgery After Weight loss with Dr Seify

  Dr. Seify consults with patients for post massive weight loss plastic surgery and helps them to understand which procedures are most beneficial based on their expectations and desires. For the arms Dr. Seify will typically recommend a brachioplasty. This procedure allows Dr. Seify to remove the loose skin on the underside of the arm with a short scar that is well hidden in most patients. For the abdomen Dr. Seify will usually recommend an extended abdominoplasty. This procedure will allow him to not only remove the loose skin or abdominal flap but it will also allow him to tighten the muscle and create a flatter more aesthetically pleasing abdomen. For the breast, some women will need a combination of a breast reduction or breast augmentation using a small implant to create volume and shape. All of these procedures will generally not be performed together; however, Dr. Seify is willing to combine procedures when it makes sense for the patient and does not compromise safety or results. Post massive weight loss surgery is an incredible boost to the self-esteem of patients who have worked so hard to lose and maintain a healthy weight.
eyesEyes and  health are very much a part of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Many contact lens wearers put there eyes in danger every single day. According to the news story a multitude of Americans wear contact lenses for their eyes, but recent studies prove that nearly everyone is putting their eyes in harm’s way. Some people clean their contacts for their eyes by inserting them in their mouths, while others shamefully say that they’ve stored their lenses in beer. “You’re playing Russian roulette there,” said optometrist Sheri McGurk. Medical professionals are shocked by the conclusions of a study for eyes from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. It reports that of the 30 million contact lens wearers in the U.S., 99 percent are doing something inappropriate in the care of their contact lens for their eyes.

Eyes In Danger

Eyes are precious and loosing vision is preventable in most cases. One of the most common offenses is going to sleep while wearing contact lenses. McGurk says the danger in doing that while asleep you are preventing oxygen from flowing to your eyes, and they can develop infections and bacterial ulcers called pseudomonas rather quickly. “Pseudomonas can destroy the cornea in 24 hours,” McGurk said. A different study by Bausch and Lomb discovered that 20 percent of contact wearers have placed their lenses for storage in everything from tap water to coke to baby oil. “Tap water is terrible. There’s bacteria, there’s chemicals in tap water,” McGurk said. The bacteria can create a corneal infection that’s not responsive to treatment. McGurk says contact lens solution is the only acceptable liquid for storing contact lenses. Wearing disposable two-week contacts longer than recommended is another extremely common mistake.

Eyes and Plastic Surgery

Eyes and their health is discussed with patients who are considering cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the eyes including upper and lower blepharoplasty. Dr. Seify explains that it is imperative that patientspractice safe guidelines when caring for their eyes especially following plastic or reconstructive surgery. Dr. Seify performs eyelidsurgery as a specialty within his practice. Many patients suffer from ptosis which is a droopy eyelid. In some cases this could obstruct vision, and therefore could be covered under insurance. Dr. Seify also recommends a browlift in combination with the blepharoplasty for some patients who may have excessive drooping of the brow. Dr. Seify also specializes in corrective eyelid surgery for patients who have had less than desirable results from previous eyelid surgery performed by another surgeon. Often these patients are devastated by their initial results and are thrilled that reconstructive corrective surgery is available as an option.  
face liftFace lift used to be a procedure associated with older celebrities. Now, a recent New York Times article says that some people are seeking face lift surgery not because of their appearance on the movie or TV screen;  but, rather their appearance on computer screens and smart phones. According to the article a Virginia plastic surgeon claimed that people usually look down into their video chat devices, which is a very unflattering angle, foreshortening the face and calling attention to any fat under the chin.  He claims that roughly a quarter of the 100 face lift patients he has a year told him that the way they look on webcams as a reason for going under the knife.

Face lift an Option for Aging Faces

Dr. Malcolm Z. Roth, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, said other plastic surgeons reported similar facelift findings among their patients.  It is possible when you consider how popular video chats are becoming in everyday life, from job interviews to online dating.  One patient quoted in the article claimed that because she communicates so much by videoconferencing she made decision to have a face lift. “When you’re video calling someone, you can no longer ignore the fact” that your face and neck are starting to droop, the patient said. Some Mental health experts believe that the ever present camera has forced people into a perceived spotlight where they believe the demands for beauty, are equal to that of a celebrity.

Face lift Is Not Only For the Vain

Face lift and other procedures for the face are on the rise with a aging population. Facial rejuvenation procedures involve a combination of many different cosmetic surgery procedures which may or may not include a face lift . Dr. Seify stresses the importance of patients having realistic expectations about a face lift or other the facial rejuvenation procedures they have chosen. For example, an upper eyelid lift will correct loose and lax skin on the eyelid. Patients can add the lower eye area to their blepharoplasty procedure and this will help to smooth the bags and loose skin beneath the eyes. The procedure will not lift the brow. That is a separate procedure which is a brow lift. These are separate areas and they are treated separately.  When patients are preparing an anti-aging facial treatment plan with Dr. Seify each area is addressed separately. A face lift is generally made up of a combination of procedures.Patients are able to prioritize based on which areas are most bothersome and which procedures will yield the greatest value for the patient. Surgical procedures are performed in an accredited surgical facility to ensure patient safety. As an ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Seify is held to among the highest standards. Patients are encouraged to approach facial rejuvenation as an option for enhancing their facial features while allowing patients to enjoy their best possible appearance at every age.
women drinking wineWomen can access many different health reports. Many are notorious for providing information and studies that may seem to contradict other studies. However, new studies have value in helping women to have discussions with their doctors concerning their lifestyle choices. According to recent NBC news story women who consumed up to seven glasses of wine or beer per week are slightly less likely to suffer a stroke than those who did not indulge in alcohol, according to a U.S. study that covered thousands of women for nearly 30 years. The results,  were published in the journal Stroke, and support the  guidelines from the American Heart Association that recommend women have no more than one drink a day — this does not mean that women who do not drink should start drinking to prevent a stroke, researchers said. “Alcohol is a double-edged sword, because higher levels can increase high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation, which are risk factors for stroke as well,”   said Monik Jimenez, a researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, who led the study.

Women- Health and Lifestyle Choices

Women have specific health guidelines to help them stay healthy.Several reports in the past have proven that low levels of alcohol are associated with a smaller chance of having a stroke. Jimenez and her colleagues collected and analyzed data from the hugeNurses’ Health Study, which tracked the health, diet and lifestyle of more than 83,000 middle-aged women for 26 years. Comparatively they studied the drinking habits of women in the study who had had a stroke, to women who hadn’t. The study is important and should help patients to discuss with their doctor any concerns they may have for their risk of stroke. Alcohol consumption is a widely debated topic as it relates to women’s health.

Women, Alcohol and Surgery Preparation

For patients who are considering plastic surgery whether cosmetic or reconstructive, Dr. Seify does not recommend the consumption of alcohol prior to surgery. As patients prepare for surgery they are encouraged to abstain from alcohol at a minimum two weeks prior to surgery. For cosmetic surgery patients it can sometimes be tempting to indulge in activities including alcohol prior to having surgery. Procedures that may seem routine because of their popularity like breast augmentation and liposuction can cause some scheduled patients to believe that a few drinks the night before surgery shouldn’t make a difference. Preoperative paperwork that is discussed with the patient prior to their plastic surgery procedure advises against this practice and patients should heed all instructions before and after surgery. Alcohol can increase dehydration and also bleeding during surgery. All plastic surgery procedures should be taken seriously. Dr. Seify and his staff are readily available for patients who may have any questions prior to their plastic surgery procedure. Patients overwhelmingly have an exceptional plastic surgery experience with Dr. Seify.  
breast implantBreast implant exchange has been called a trend on and off in the media for the past two years. It is debatable whether it  is a trend however a growing number of women are beginning to realize the benefits. According to a  PhiladelphiaCBS news story ever-increasing numbers of older women have decided that the breast implant they chose when they were younger is too big as a choice for the lifestyle that they now have.

Breast Implant Exchange a Lifestyle Choice

Breast implant exchange is sometimes due to personal choice. According to the news story Hollywood is leading the trend. Sexy celebrities with voluptuous cleavage, big breasts, enhanced with breast implants, used to be a popular look. But, that look according to the news story, is not popular anymore.  An increasing number of stars are rumored to be downsizing, exchanging supersized for a more natural looking breast implant.

Breast Implant Exchange Not Just for Downsizing

Breast implant exchange is not only to change sizes.Since we are located in the heart of Orange County, what some have termed as the hotbed for plastic surgery, we can understand how the rest of the country has all eyes on our look and what we consider attractive. Although it may appear that downsizing is the issue for women with a breast implant, the more important issue is making the right decision when choosing a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation. It is important that the plastic surgeon discusses the benefit and limitation of the different  breast implant  options available including sizes, shapes, and textures. Dr. Seify not only reviews the look desired by prospective breastaugmentation patients but also helps them to understand their choices as a lifetime decision. He offers expert advice concerning proportion and breast implant sizing. He also helps patients understand long-term, the implications of their breast implant choices. This is not to say that patients will not one day choose to exchange their implants, but proper consultation and realistic expectations help to avoid breast implant exchange solely for the sake of dissatisfaction. Breast implant exchange is also popular because of long-term complications from older silicone implants that may be present in many patients. When exchanging older silicone breast implants Dr. Seify uses his cosmetic and reconstructive skill and experience to prepare a pocket free of old silicone debris before implanting the new breast implants. This is critical in order to help reduce the chance of capsular contracture (excessive scar tissue) surrounding the new implant. Prospective patients should be leery of a plastic surgeon that makes the operation appear routine and as simple as switching out old implants for the new implants. Prospective patients should be prepared in the event that a breastlift is necessary to achieve the best aesthetic result. Dr. Seify is committed to exceeding the expectations of his patients by thoroughly educating them prior to surgery.  
ObesityObesity continues to be a major topic of discussion for medical professionals everywhere. The CDC recently released their report on cancer and felt the need to highlight the close relationship between breast cancer risk and obesity. According to a recent HealthDay online article the focus of this report was obesity and the  relationship with on cancer. “That’s important, because we don’t think the public is aware of that,” Dr. Marcus Plescia, director of CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control said.

Obesity is Considered a National Health Concern

Obesity is at the root of some cancers that have increased. Six of the cancers have substantial evidence of a relationship between obesity and cancer: esophageal, kidney, pancreatic, endometrial, and colorectal and breast cancer, he noted. According to the report, the rate of new cancer diagnoses among men dropped an average of 0.6 percent per year between 2004 and 2008. For women, the rate of cancer dropped 0.5 percent per year from 1998 to 2006, but has leveled off since 2006, the researchers found. The majority of the declines in cancer have been in lung, breast, colon and prostate cancer. Notwithstanding, cancers of the esophagus, kidney, pancreas, liver and thyroid have been on the rise, as well as endometrial cancer, the researchers discovered. The increase in these cancers seems to be largely due to the increase in obesity, Plescia said. The absence of physical activity is also linked closely with these cancers, he noted.

Obesity and  Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

It is inevitable that obesity would creep into the cause of many diseases we have fought over the decades. Breast cancer appears to be no exception. Dr. Seify advises all patients to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy and stable weight. While body contouring procedures such as abdominoplasty and liposuction are not weight loss procedures; per se, it is important for patients to recognize that addressing slight increases in weight especially after pregnancy with body contouring procedures can help patients maintain a healthy and stable weight. Few would dispute the fact that when a woman feels good about how she looks and her contour is attractive, she is less likely to add on additional pounds. Some patients mistakenly believe that they should address their body contouring concerns once they have exhausted every other possibility, in their mind, to lose the weight. The reality is if the weight consist of stubborn hormonal weight fat depots it can be very difficult and discouraging to attempt to improve body contour with weight loss alone. Dr. Seify is able to target specific areas expertly and achieve amazing results. Obesity is a concern in the US population; however ,patients must understand that no one becomes obese overnight. It happens over time. Making the decision to be proactive about maintaining your best appearance and stable weight is the best way to ensure that obesity will not be part of your future.  
breast implantsBreast implants improvements are regularly in development. A new and exciting breast implant is currently under study. According to a recent industry article researchers at Brown University have created  breast implants that seem to deter breast cancer cell regrowth. The breast implants are made from federally approved polymer material, the breast implants are the first to be reengineered at the nanoscale in a specific way that would cause a reduction in the blood vessel structure, that makes up breast cancer tumors and that they depend upon, while in the meantime encouraging healthy breast cells. Results are published in Nanotechnology.

Breast Implants Under Study

One in eight women in the United States (one in seven in Orange County) will develop breast cancer. Of those, many will have surgery to remove the tumor and will require some degree of breastreconstruction afterwards, many times involving breast implants. Cancer is an ever moving target, though, and malignant cells come back for as many as one-fifth of women originally diagnosed, according to the American Cancer Society.   The hope is that these breast implants may prevent a relapse of the breast cancer when used in breast cancer reconstruction.  More study will have to be done before these breast implants will be made available. The mere fact that these breast implants have been created and appear to have some success is extremely promising.

Breast Implants and the Options for Reconstruction

Breast implant options for reconstructive surgery continue to improve. Dr. Seify reiterates to his patients that it is a good idea to remain aware of new products and methods as they relate to breast cancer diagnosis and recovery. Patients should be mindful of the fact that most new products and methods when first announced are in the clinical study phase and may not be available at the time of their breast cancer diagnosis or breast reconstruction decision. Dr. Seify encourages all patients to be proactive about their breast health. Following the recommendations of your primary care physician for mammograms is recommended for all breast surgery patients including cosmetic breast augmentation, breastlift, and breastreduction. Patients are also advised to perform monthly breast self-exams which help patients to become familiar with their breast tissue and what feels normal for them. Most medical professionals agree that women who find breast lumps usually find them on their own rather than their physician finding them during their annual medical visit. Dr. Seify also advises his breastaugmentation patients to have their breast implants checked by him on an annual basis.
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