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Neck Lift Surgery Before and After Photos Newport Beach | Orange County

Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Hisham Seify, specializes in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for the breast, body, and face. Patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA and nearby communities have an opportunity to receive state of the art treatments at Dr. Seify’s practice. In addition to his plastic surgery practice, he also contributes to the community by way of lectures and scientific presentations. He is also currently the president of the worldwide American Cancer network designed to help children and adults suffering from cancer.

Neck Lift Overview

Neck lift is a procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon to reduce excess fat and skin from the neck and enhance the neck contour to make it appear more youthful. The surgery involves tightening of the underlying muscle and tissue that may have become weak due to aging or other factors. Neck lift is usually performed in combination with a facelift cosmetic surgery to achieve more consistent looking results. Sometimes the patient may just need a mini neck lift procedure to remove excess skin and fat.

As an experienced plastic surgery, Dr. Seify first evaluates the health condition, neck and face anatomy, and the patient’s personal aesthetic goals before recommending a neck lift, a mini neck lift, or a neck lift in conjunction with facelift surgery. Patients in and around Newport Beach and Orange County, CA can receive effective surgical treatment from Dr. Seify for neck contour enhancement.

What are Neck Lift Before and After Photos?

Before and after pictures in a neck lift procedure refer to a set of photographs that demonstrate the actual effects of the neck lift surgery. These photographs are taken with the consent of a previous patient who has undergone the neck lift procedure. The set of photos includes pictures taken before and after the surgery.

Pictures taken after the surgery may include pictures taken at different stages during the recovery period. A new patient can have a clear idea of what they may be able to achieve with a neck lift surgery, and how it will change their appearance. This helps a new patient make an informed decision about what procedure to choose among the various treatment options presented by a plastic surgeon. See Neck lift before and after photos

Advantages of Before and After Pictures

Before and after pictures are the simplest and the most effective tool available to a surgeon to explain the patient about the actual benefits of a cosmetic surgery procedure such as neck lift. Verbal explanations during the initial consultation may not be enough for a patient to clearly understand how the procedure may improve or alter their neck contour and overall facial appearance. Before and after photos serve as the most reliable visual aid that can tell the real story to a new patient.

If the patient is required to choose between options such as neck lift, neck liposuction, or neck lift and facelift combined plastic surgery, it can be a difficult choice to make. Dr. Seify makes sure that before and after pictures are made available to his patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA and nearby areas. He likes to educate his patients about all aspects of the procedure so that they are in a position to make an informed decision.

Neck Lift Digital Photos Online

Before and after photos of neck lift surgery can also be made available online on the surgeon’s practice website. The advantage with digital before and after pictures is that any individual considering a neck lift procedure can simply view the pictures online in the comfort of their home or office, and get a basic idea of what the procedure can do to improve their appearance. Even before a person decides to visit a surgeon’s office for a consultation, these pictures can provide some clarity so that a more meaningful discussion can be made during the consultation.

Realistic Expectations

One of the major benefits of neck lift before and after pictures is that they can help a patient to form realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure. Without these photos, there is always a risk that a patient may misinterpret the surgeon’s explanation about the procedure, and may undergo the procedure with misplaced expectations or hopes. In such a scenario, even if the procedure is performed successfully, the patient may end up being dissatisfied and disappointed with the results.

Aesthetic procedures are highly subjective in nature, and what may be great results for one patient, may be not so good for another patient. Therefore, the final decision to go ahead with the procedure should be made by the patient alone. With the help of before and after photos, it is possible to make a decision more accurately in this regard. The goal is to keep someone from being shocked or even surprised. Pictures help alleviate any unknowns.

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