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Neck Lift Plastic Surgery Orange County | Newport Beach CA Cosmetic SurgeonRhytidectomy, popularly known as neck lift surgery, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to enhance the shape of the neck and jaw line and reduce the aging signs. Loose skin will be tightened to make the skin appear smoother in the lower face, which defines the jowls. In some cases, excess fat deposits beneath the chin may also be reduced in this plastic surgery. Neck muscle banding can typically cause unsightly contour, which can also be corrected with neck lift by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Hisham Seify provides neck lift and other procedures using state of the art surgical techniques. Patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive neck lift from board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Seify.

Need for Neck Lift Surgery

If the sharp and well defined contours in the neck and face area begin to decline or sag, and the skin develops wrinkles and folds, it may be time to consider neck lift cosmetic surgery. Aging, hereditary reasons, stressful lifestyle, environmental conditions, gravity, and other factors may cause this condition. Sometimes more harmonious outcomes may be achieved when neck lift and facelift are combined. However, neck lift may be performed as a standalone plastic surgery if the upper face area is still youthful. Apart from the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the neck region, some patients may also be bothered by the appearance of double chin and jowl lines. The cosmetic surgeon will recommend the right combination of procedures, which may also include upper face procedures such as forehead lift and eyelid lift in some cases. The goal is to produce overall natural looking and pleasing results. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Seify receives patients from Newport Beach, Orange County, CA, and other areas for neck lift surgery.

Suitable Candidates

Healthy individuals who are unhappy with the appearance of loose skin and sagginess in the neck area may be good candidates for a neck lift surgery. The candidate should be a non-smoker or ready to quit smoking several before and after surgery. The candidates with a positive mindset, realistic expectations and clear aesthetic priorities will typically achieve very satisfying outcomes.

Surgical Procedure

The surgeon may decide to perform neck lift under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation with local anesthesia. Traditional neck lift surgery or a limited incision technique may be applied, depending on the extent of excision needed. In the traditional surgery, the incision will start from the hairline and continue around the ear and end in the rear part of the hair. The surgeon will sculpt and redistribute the fat from the neck and jowls through the incision. Repositioning of the underlying tissue will be performed, and the surgeon may also tighten the platysma muscle. Trimming of the excess skin will be done and tight and firm skin will be smoothly re-draped over the lifted contours. The incisions will finally be closed with sutures or skin adhesive. Recovery in case of a neck lift surgery may take about a week to 10 days, after which a patient may return to work. See more procedures and treatments by plastic surgeon Dr. Hisham Seify in Newport Beach | Orange County Click here to schedule a consultation or call 949-251-1502