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Otoplasty is not usually associated with going back to school. As the back-to-school season starts many parents scramble to figure out which school supplies are necessary and are busy having screening test and physicals performed to prepare their children for school. For some children the thought of going back to school stirs up anxiety and fear. Unfortunately many children are teased and bullied because of their appearance.

Otoplasty A Solution For Children

For some children this is due to ears that appear larger than the child’s face and in many cases are protruding. It is well-known that children can be cruel to each other; however, for some parents watching their child suffer from the emotional pain of bullying can be painstaking. These parents consult with Dr. Seify to consider otoplasty or ear pinning for their child. Otoplasty is usually a rather straightforward procedure. Dr. Seify carefully removes cartilage and skin from the crease behind the ear to help to ears lie closer to the head. In some cases he will also reshape the ears to give them a more uniform appearance. For most children the pain and discomfort is mild to moderate. Most children are instructed to wear a headband which helps to hold the ears in place following surgery. Most children are well able to return to school and normal activities within 5 to 7 days. Dr. Seify will typically restrict sports activities until the ears have healed. Otoplasty has many benefits for children.

Otoplasty for Adults and Children at Newport Plastic

Adults who have the otoplasty procedure almost always tell Dr. Seify that they wish they would have had it performed when they were children. As with most plastic surgery procedures younger patients tend to have better results. It is important that patients who are considering otoplasty choose a surgeon who is trained in both reconstructive as well as cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. While otoplasty is considered a cosmetic procedure, the skill of a reconstructive surgeon can benefit the patient especially if reconstructing and molding the ear will yield the best results. Parents who choose otoplasty for their children overwhelmingly agree that it helps to boost their self-confidence and self- esteem.