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plastic surgeryPlastic surgery after weight loss is something that many patients are not prepared to think about prior to their weight loss. Most patients are surprised to see the changes that can occur after losing a significant amount of their body weight. With the popularity of procedures like Lap Band and gastric bypass patients are now losing a significant amount  of weight relatively rapidly. This can increase the chances of significant loose and lax skin on certain areas of the body. Many patients who have had weight loss surgery say that they were never fully informed about the plastic surgery options available following massive weight loss. Most patients experience some degree of skin laxity that is noticeable on their upper arms, abdomen, and breast. Typically, this patient population has not considered cosmetic plastic surgery previously, and for most this is a first time they have ventured into considering cosmetic plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss – A New Experience

It is important for patients to understand that post massive weight loss surgery is not a simple process. The procedures are generally reconstructive in nature although the insurance companies may not classify them as such. For most patients the procedures are not straightforward and combining procedures that are complex can prolong recovery periods unnecessarily and increase the risk of complications. Patient should consider plastic surgeons with an extensive reconstructive background as well as ASPS board certification.

Plastic Surgery After Weight loss with Dr Seify

  Dr. Seify consults with patients for post massive weight loss plastic surgery and helps them to understand which procedures are most beneficial based on their expectations and desires. For the arms Dr. Seify will typically recommend a brachioplasty. This procedure allows Dr. Seify to remove the loose skin on the underside of the arm with a short scar that is well hidden in most patients. For the abdomen Dr. Seify will usually recommend an extended abdominoplasty. This procedure will allow him to not only remove the loose skin or abdominal flap but it will also allow him to tighten the muscle and create a flatter more aesthetically pleasing abdomen. For the breast, some women will need a combination of a breast reduction or breast augmentation using a small implant to create volume and shape. All of these procedures will generally not be performed together; however, Dr. Seify is willing to combine procedures when it makes sense for the patient and does not compromise safety or results. Post massive weight loss surgery is an incredible boost to the self-esteem of patients who have worked so hard to lose and maintain a healthy weight.