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Being a parent has many challenges. One of the most painful challenges a parent can endure is watching their child in emotional pain as a result of bullying and teasing. A great deal of attention has been placed in the media on children being teased and bullied via the Internet. Social media has certainly made bullying and teasing much easier and given it much greater reach. The focus is often placed upon girls being teased because it is believed by many that girls are more emotional and that the impact is greater than boys. However; boys, especially teenage boys can be self-conscious about their bodies as they change with age. For some, excessive breast tissue can become evident as they enter puberty. While in some cases this may be accompanied with being overweight or obese this is not always the case. Even boys who are at or near their ideal body weight can suffer from excess breast tissue which is known as gynecomastia. The impact of this excessive breast tissue which has slang terms including “man boobs”or” moobs “is rarely painful physically however emotionally it can be devastating. As a parent, you may ponder whether seeking the advice of a plastic surgeon to correct this condition is a good idea. Perhaps you may think that fixing the source of bullying using plastic surgery sends the wrong message to your child. The reality is that children who are teased and bullied often have a difficult time achieving success in school and outside school activities because they are self-conscious and less likely to take the steps necessary to be outgoing and involved. If your child is also overweight this condition could contribute to his lack of willingness and motivation to exercise. Also, depression and loneliness can lead to overeating which also contributes to obesity. Dr. Seify encourages parents to consult with him to determine if their son is a candidate for gynecomastia surgery. In the initial consultation Dr. Seify will determine if the child is truly suffering from excessive breast tissue or if the primary source is excessive fat on the chest. It is important for parents to understand that liposuction of the chest alone will not improve the appearance of excessive breast tissue. In many cases it can cause the breast tissue to be even more of visible if the glandular tissue is not removed and only liposuction is performed. For this reason, it is critical that parents seek the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Seify who is experienced in treating gynecomastia patients. In some cases, although rare, Dr. Seify may be able to submit the proper documentation for parents to obtain insurance coverage for the procedure. Parents who are considering gynecomastia surgery for their sons should consider the possibility of surgery early in the summer so that their son will be healed and ready to enjoy the latter part of summer and a new beginning to the next school year. Parents who are considering gynecomastia surgery for their sons are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office and schedule a consultation.
plastic surgeryPlastic surgery for men has seen an increase over the last few years even with troubled economic times. Some attribute the plastic surgery increase to a tighter job market where men now feel the pressure to look younger and be more competitive in the job market. At one time there was a widely held belief that men seem to age more gracefully than women. This was highlighted most notably in television and popular movies. The leading man was allowed to have graying hair and “character lines” on his face yet the women were usually fresh faced without lines or wrinkles. Plastic surgery for men seemed to be extreme and vain. The tides have definitely turned. Dr. Seify consults with men who are unhappy with their appearance and are considering plastic surgery as a solution to better enhance their appearance.

Plastic Surgery for Men

The most popular plastic surgery procedures for men include both minimally invasive as well as surgical plastic surgery procedures. Some men are concerned about their facial appearance as it begins to show signs of aging. For a man with a strong brow line and excessive loose and lax skin on his eyelids, a brow lift combined with a blepharoplasty can make a considerable difference in his appearance. For many men these two procedures alone can take 5 to 7 years off of their appearance. For other men who have more loose and lax skin throughout the facial area a facelift may be a better recommendation. Dr. Seify helps men to feel at ease with his recommendation by assuring them that his goal is to maintain a natural appearance while maintaining the masculinity and overall shape of the face.

Plastic Surgery Results Can Vary Greatly

While there are some very disturbing bad examples of male celebrities who have had facial plastic surgery, Dr. Seify reminds men that the good examples are the ones you do not notice. Botox and dermal filler injectables are also excellent adjuncts to plastic surgery procedures that allow men to maintain their most youthful appearance. Dr. Seify also recommends that men consider abdominal liposuction to achieve a more youthful and toned abdomen. Dr. Seify encourages men who are concerned about the effects of aging on their appearance to schedule a consultation to determine which plastic surgery procedures are best for them.
muscular manBreast reduction surgery is not something men usually think about.Summer at the beach for most men includes taking their shirt off and enjoying the summer activities. For some men this is an uncomfortable experience and they are more likely to leave on at least a T-shirt rather than expose their chest. For some men they have excessive breast tissue which can be extremely embarrassing. For some men who are overweight the excessive breast tissue adds to the embarrassment of being overweight.

Breast Reduction an Option for Men

For men who are not obese it can be even more embarrassing because the breast appear even larger on their body frame. Dr. Seify consults with these male patients and helps them to understand that their condition can be greatly improved with gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia surgery allows Dr. Seify to remove not only the breast tissue but also the underlying fat that causes the breast to be even more pronounced on the chest. While the procedure is rather straightforward, patient should insist on a qualified ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon performing the procedure. It should never be considered as a simple chest liposuction procedure, because in many cases it liposuction alone is performed patients are often unhappy because the breast tissue remains and the overall look is not improved much.

Breast Reduction Surgery for Men

Typically incisions are limited to the aerial a where the dark pigmentation in light pigmentation meet so therefore scarring over time is barely visible. For most men they are able to return to a desk type position within 3 to 7 days following surgery. Dr. Seify will usually require a compression vest to be worn for approximately 3 weeks following surgery. This allows the skin to read rape so that the appearance is smooth and natural following surgery. The compression garment is fairly thin and can be worn under a regular shirt without being visibly noticeable. Most men are extremely pleased with the results of gynecomastia surgery. For many, once they have had this procedure performed it is the first time that they are in public without a shirt. Breast reduction for men is becoming more popular as men become more aware of the fact that they now have options and do not have to live with the embarrassment of oversized breast.    
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