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As the aging population becomes a more influential part of the population is becoming obvious that getting older does not mean that patients cannot look their best. A facelift has long been the landmark of proof that a person is showing the signs of aging on their face. Many plastic surgeons perform facelift some patients who are well into their 70s and 80s. However, it is important to realize that there is a difference between a person’s real age and their biologically. In reality this can be a huge difference. Dr. Seify explains to his patients that the real distinction in whether or not a patient is too old for a facelift is primarily rooted in their health status. There are some patients who are 60 however there biological health is similar to that of a 90-year-old old because of lifestyle choices like smoking, excessive drinking, or less than admirable eating habits. This is when Dr. Seify’s medical judgment has to be considered when deciding whether or not to proceed with facelift surgery for this type of patient. When patients move forward with facelift surgery Dr. Seify is careful to inform them of potential risk that and possible complications that are related to the surgery and post surgery. For older patients Dr. Seify may work with the primary care physician to assure a safe plan of action for the patient. Also medical clearance performed by their primary care physician will be required prior to surgery. Patients who have cardiac concerns for example, may have a different plan of action because of the impact the surgical procedure can have on the patient especially with respect to the type of anesthesia that would be utilized. The results of a facelift on older patients are generally very good provided the patient is in good health. The patient must be realistic concerning their expected outcome. Patients must take their age and consideration when creating expectation for surgery. It is not likely that they will have a result allowing them to look 35 years younger than their real age. However secondary facelift procedures according to several different published studies can yield results for patients that allow them to look 7 to 10 years younger than their real age. With patients living longer, it is not uncommon for patients to have undergone two or three facelifts well into their 70s and 80s. Dr. Seify encourages patients to look and feel their best at every stage of their life. Patients were considering a facelift are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation. Review all of Dr. Seify’s Procedures and Treatments:
In most cases plastic surgery patients are overwhelmingly pleased with their results. It is indeed rare that patients feel the need for a revision following plastic surgery. However, it is important for patients to realize that in some cases a revision may be needed. Dr. Seify discusses the possibility of revisions with patients prior to their plastic surgery procedure. Revisions are also addressed in the informed consent paperwork and preoperative appointment that is provided prior to surgery. For patients who have had surgery with another plastic surgeon and do not wish to return or are unable to return to the original plastic surgeon, it can be a challenge when deciding whether to invest in having revision surgery. Whether the patient is dissatisfied with a rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or liposuction surgery it is likely that they are considering what they have invested already. From a financial perspective it can be disappointing after investing thousands of dollars and still being unhappy or dissatisfied with the results. Patient should consider their level of dissatisfaction, the likelihood of acceptable correction, and the overall additional investment that will be required. In some cases having a subsequent revision surgery performed  will only yield a slight improvement. In these cases patients need to decide if the investment is worth a slight improvement. In other cases the revision surgery can provide a dramatic improvement. In these cases the investment is likely to be worth it because it will provide the end result that was intended originally. Psychologically it is easy for the patient to blame themselves or the plastic surgeon when the result is not as expected. The decision to proceed with revision plastic surgery should be viewed as an active solution. It is perfectly normal for patients to be apprehensive when having revision surgery especially after experiencing results that were dissatisfying. Dr. Seify explains to patients who are seeking revision surgery the benefits and risk associated with the surgery. While this decision is ultimately up to the patient Dr. Seify is committed to helping the patient make the best decision while considering the health aspects, financial impact, and aesthetic results the patient can expect. Patients who are considering cosmetic revision plastic surgery are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.  
rhinoplastyRhinoplasty or nose surgery is big decision for most patients. Many have been unhappy with their nose as well as their profile for many years. It can be a devastating experience when rhinoplasty surgery does not meet the expectation of the patient. The reason for this can vary greatly from patient to patient. For some patients the changes were not dramatic enough, for others the changes may have created a new concern. Regardless of the reason, it is important for patients to communicate with the original operating plastic surgeon any concerns or dissatisfaction they may be experiencing. If this is not desirable, or possible Dr. Seify is willing to consult with patients who are considering a revision rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Revision Consider the Facts

Revision rhinoplasty is always a complex procedure. Existing scar tissue can be troublesome and can affect the complexity of the surgery. If a nasal implant was used patients should be prepared to possibly have it removed or exchanged. There could also be a possibility that Dr. Seify may recommend a septoplasty if there are concerns with the nasal breathing passages. If patients are going to consider rhinoplasty revision they should be able to clearly communicate what they do not like about the existing rhinoplasty and what they would like to change.

Rhinoplasty Revision at Newport Plastic Surgery

Patients should be aware that  secondary surgeries carry a slightly higher risk for complications. The final results for rhinoplasty surgery are not evident for up to a year so patients will need to be willing to wait to determine final results. Rhinoplasty revision can be successful, but patients must be carefully screened to be sure that they are a good candidate. Dr. Seify is candid with his patients and helps them to understand what he is comfortable with in his own hands.  He explains that in some cases it is better to avoid a re-operation and that a new surgery could create a worse situation.
breastBreast implants have been around for quite some time. There are a multitude of women who still have older first-generation silicone gel breast implants. These are the breast implants that were the source of lawsuits and ultimately the motivation for the FDA to pull the silicone breast implants from the market. At that point many women had been implanted with the breast implants and were not having problems so therefore they kept the breast implants. There are women who now have concerns as to whether or not they should consider breast implant exchange, especially since there are better more improved cohesive silicone gel implants available today.

Breast Implant Exchange When Is It Time?

Patients who have older silicone gel implants should consider breast implant exchange a priority in certain circumstances. For example, patients who have excessive firmness to the breast due to excessive scar tissue that has formed around the breast implant should definitely consider exchanging the breast implants for the newer cohesive silicone gel implants. The breast implant exchange surgery will also give Dr. Seify the opportunity to perform a capsulectomy which will remove the excessive scar tissue, create an improved pocket for the new implant, and help the patient to achieve a much more natural aesthetically pleasing appearance. Another instance where patient should consider breast implant exchange would be if there is a rupture. Although this may be difficult to detect with the older silicone gel implants, patients are often aware of a rupture after it is pointed out by a radiologist or other medical professional following a mammogram.

Breast Implant Exchange After A Rupture

When there is a rupture of the older silicone gel implants patient should be prepared for the possibility that the silicone has spread throughout the breast pocket. This could make the surgery more complex and mean that Dr. Seify will carefully have to remove the older silicone gel completely from the breast pocket. This could add additional time, and possibly cost, to the surgery. Patients should be aware that this is the possibility; however, choosing a surgeon who will skip this step could have unintended consequences which could include, but are not limited to. the acceleration of excessive scar tissue around the new implant, and/or added difficulty for the new implant to settle into the pocket and create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Breast implant exchange for older implants should be considered a delicate procedure and patient should choose their plastic surgeon carefully. Dr. Seify is well experienced in this area as both a breast reconstructive surgeon as well as a cosmetic breast surgeon. Patients are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Dr. Seify to determine if breast implant exchange is the best recommendation for them.  
liposuctionLiposuction has come to be known by many as the magic procedure that sucks out  fat. The popularity of liposuction continues to fuel the appeal for both male and female patients. With many different methods available as well as different medical professionals performing the liposuction procedure, it is important for patients to do as much research as possible before choosing the liposuction procedure. There are many different factors to consider when investigating the possibility of liposuction.

Liposuction …Is It An Option For You?

First, patients need to be able to explain exactly what their expectations are and which areas of the body they are most concerned with improving. Dr. Seify explains during the liposuction consultation that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. This means for the best results patient should be at or near their ideal body weight. The patient’s BMI or body measurement index is critical to the patient achieving a desirable and noticeable liposuction result. Some patients mistakenly believe that performing liposuction can be used as a “jumpstart” to a weight loss program and lifestyle. This rarely works because after patients have invested the finances and time into liposuction and the recovery, if they are obese they are not likely to see any noticeable liposuction results. As you might imagine, this would not serve as a viable motivational tool.

Liposuction at Newport Plastic Surgery

Dr. Seify also explains that on areas where patients have a moderate to severe amount of loose and lax skin, liposuction will not tighten the skin. Liposuction will reduce the thickness of the area that any loose and lax skin remains the same. In most cases it will not make it worse; however, patients must note that it will most likely not make it better. It is tempting for patients to believe that anything is better than what they have, but when consider liposuction patients must remember that this is not a procedure that was intended to be performed multiple times in the same area. The liposuction procedure disrupts tissues and scar tissue is developed underneath the skin as a result. Over time the scar tissue softens and is not noticeable to the naked eye, but during secondary liposuction surgeries, the issue of old scar tissue can be very tricky and can make achieving an aesthetically pleasing result more difficult for the surgeon.  It is best for patients to be sure they are a good candidate for liposuction before proceeding with the procedure. Patients should approach the procedure with an open mind and be prepared to wait if they are not yet a viable candidate. Dr. Seify encourages patients to schedule a consultation to determine if liposuction is a viable solution for them.
facial injectionsThe popularity of noninvasive procedures continues to soar. Most patients have come to expect safety no matter where they choose to have their procedure performed. Patient should be aware that there are little to no standards in terms of the safety of what many of come to call a Med-Spa. Dr. Seify operates a med spa within his practice under his supervision. He requires his medical aesthetician’s to not only carry a valid license but also participate in ongoing technical training so that their credentials are superior. Dr. Seify offers injectable services including Botox and dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. These procedures are performed by Dr. Seify using his surgical skill and artistic expertise to achieve maximum results. The medical aestheticians offer a wide variety of procedures which include laser procedures for vein treatment, hair reduction, and skin tightening. For many patients the results are visible in only a few treatments. Dr. Seify also offers cellulite reduction treatments for patients who have those concerns.  Patients can be assured that by being in a medical office close attention is paid to the medical aspect of every procedure that has been performed. Also, as an ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Seify is able to offer solid recommendations and contrast the benefits of noninvasive procedures versus surgical procedures. This allows Dr. Seify to manage patient’s expectations so that patients do not expect a surgical result from a noninvasive procedure. Patients are encouraged to make an appointment for consultation to discuss which noninvasive procedures will work best for them.
eyelid surgery patientEyelid surgery is a fairly common surgery .There are no guarantees with any surgery especially cosmetic eye lid plastic surgery. Unlike medically necessary surgeries the results and cosmetic or elective surgery are largely subjective and based on patient expectations. In some cases the results can be particularly disappointing. Blepharoplasty or eyelid lift surgery is a detailed procedure designed to remove the excess skin from the top of the eyelids and or the bags beneath the eyes. In most cases patients are able to achieve a much more youthful look with a wider looking eyelid and the removal of the bags or fat pockets beneath the eyes.

Eyelid Lift Complications

For some, the results are not as expected and the result can be extremely undesirable. This could include everything from eyelids that appear uneven to difficulty closing the eyelid. Dr. Seify specializes in eyelid revision surgery. It is important for patients to understand that the first point of communication is they are unhappy with their eyelid surgery should be the operating surgeon. If those results are not satisfactory then Dr. Seify is more than happy to consult with patient. It is common for patients to believe because they have already had eyelid surgery that their case should not be very involved. Many believe that it is “just” one adjustment or another in order to achieve a better result.

Eyelid Revision Surgery

The truth is every surgery is involved surgery. Dr. Seify must take into account the existence of scar tissue from the previous surgery and work delicately around that area. In many cases he must also address the functionality of the eye and be sure that it has not been compromised. While there is a chance that the procedure may be covered under insurance the likelihood is that it will not. This is especially true if the original surgery was a cosmetic procedure. Dr. Seify exam the patient and makes a recommendation based on when he feels he can accomplish in his hands. Patient should be prepared for a candid recommendation. If Dr. Seify is not comfortable with a reoperation he will explain to the patient the reasons why he is making that recommendation and in some cases offer additional solutions. For patients were unhappy with their eyelid lift procedure Dr. Seify encourages them to make a complimentary consultation appointment to determine if revision plastic surgery is a viable option.
faceliftFacelift procedures used to be considered extravagant and over the top cosmetic surgeries. Thanks to technology, new surgical methods, and increased patient confidence the facelift procedure has come to be known as a viable alternative to reducing the signs of aging on the face. Most notably, loose and lax skin along the jaw line and excessive skin around the neck are usually the driving forces for patients who are considering a facelift.

Facelift  Is Worth the Investment

It can be very confusing for patients who are trying to make sense of an abundance of information when considering a facelift. For most patients it makes sense to start with the least invasive cosmetic procedures available when considering facial rejuvenation. The reality is patient should consider procedures that will work based on their specific situation and the progression of aging on the face. For example, a patient should not expect the same results a brow lift can achieve from simple Botox injections. They can expect temporary slight improvement, but if a brow lift is indicated then a simple injection cannot possibly render the same results.

Facelift at Newport Plastic

  Dr. Seify explains to patients that although facial rejuvenation can include a combination of procedures including brow lift, blepharoplasty, cheek lift, and facelift each procedure has advantages and limitations. Choosing certain procedures and omitting others will change the end result of the procedure. Patients who desire the best value for the dollars that they are investing in facial rejuvenation should consider the facelift if Dr. Seify recommends the procedure and states that they are a good candidate. Numerous studies have proven that the facelift is the best value for the money long-term. Most patients even as they age with their facelift maintain a look that appears to be 10 to 15 years younger than their stated age. Most patients will have only one facelift in their lifetime. Although the initial outlay of money may seem steep for some patients, overall a facelift continues to be the best value based on the amount of time a patient and enjoy satisfying results. Dr. Seify encourages patients to consult with him to determine if a facelift is the right recommendation to help them minimize the appearance of aging on their face.
eyesEyes and  health are very much a part of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Many contact lens wearers put there eyes in danger every single day. According to the news story a multitude of Americans wear contact lenses for their eyes, but recent studies prove that nearly everyone is putting their eyes in harm’s way. Some people clean their contacts for their eyes by inserting them in their mouths, while others shamefully say that they’ve stored their lenses in beer. “You’re playing Russian roulette there,” said optometrist Sheri McGurk. Medical professionals are shocked by the conclusions of a study for eyes from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. It reports that of the 30 million contact lens wearers in the U.S., 99 percent are doing something inappropriate in the care of their contact lens for their eyes.

Eyes In Danger

Eyes are precious and loosing vision is preventable in most cases. One of the most common offenses is going to sleep while wearing contact lenses. McGurk says the danger in doing that while asleep you are preventing oxygen from flowing to your eyes, and they can develop infections and bacterial ulcers called pseudomonas rather quickly. “Pseudomonas can destroy the cornea in 24 hours,” McGurk said. A different study by Bausch and Lomb discovered that 20 percent of contact wearers have placed their lenses for storage in everything from tap water to coke to baby oil. “Tap water is terrible. There’s bacteria, there’s chemicals in tap water,” McGurk said. The bacteria can create a corneal infection that’s not responsive to treatment. McGurk says contact lens solution is the only acceptable liquid for storing contact lenses. Wearing disposable two-week contacts longer than recommended is another extremely common mistake.

Eyes and Plastic Surgery

Eyes and their health is discussed with patients who are considering cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the eyes including upper and lower blepharoplasty. Dr. Seify explains that it is imperative that patientspractice safe guidelines when caring for their eyes especially following plastic or reconstructive surgery. Dr. Seify performs eyelidsurgery as a specialty within his practice. Many patients suffer from ptosis which is a droopy eyelid. In some cases this could obstruct vision, and therefore could be covered under insurance. Dr. Seify also recommends a browlift in combination with the blepharoplasty for some patients who may have excessive drooping of the brow. Dr. Seify also specializes in corrective eyelid surgery for patients who have had less than desirable results from previous eyelid surgery performed by another surgeon. Often these patients are devastated by their initial results and are thrilled that reconstructive corrective surgery is available as an option.  
tired woman 1Breast cancer diagnosis  for most women brings dread about the fatigue(among other things) that is widely considered to be part of treatment and the after affects. According to recent news story a study has shown that breast cancer related fatigue is not as widespread or severe as had been previously thought. According to the news story not many women who were treated for breast cancer feel persistent fatigue a year later, an Australian study suggests.

Breast Cancer Related Fatigue Is Generally Short Term If It Happens

Chronic debilitating breast cancer related fatigue is common after many breast cancer treatments, with some studies estimating up to 50% of women still experiencing chronic fatigue months after breast cancer treatment ends. Researchers in Australia organized a study to test how frequent breast cancer-related fatigue actually occurs among women with early-stage breast cancer who had surgery in conjunction with treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy. “The good news is that the vast majority of women who have undergone breast cancer treatment either never experience ongoing debilitating fatigue in the weeks and months after treatment ends or if they do, it passes relatively quickly,” said Professor David Goldstein of the University of New South Wales in Sydney.  Breast cancer-related fatigue is fairly prevalent but women can be reassured that in most cases, it is not debilitating in the long-term, he added in a press release about the study. For the study in April’s issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Goldstein and his colleagues followed 218 women for five years.

Breast Cancer Treatment Options Help Patients

Breast cancer treatment is a long journey. It is encouraging for women to know that if cancer related chronic fatigue is affecting them that it will get better and is not likely to be long-term. When Dr. Seify consults with patients who are recently diagnosed with breast cancer and helps them to create a breast reconstruction treatment plan, it is important for patients to discuss how they’re feeling both medically and psychologically. Patients who are recently diagnosed are faced with many decisions and Dr. Seify helps them to prioritize and make decisions based on as much information as possible from all of their treating physicians and surgeons. Breast reconstruction can be a long process and it is important for patients to understand the risk, complications and benefits they can expect. Just as with cosmetic plastic surgery ,expectations of the patient should be managed for the best possible outcome. Dr. Seify and his staff are committed to helping patients maintain a positive attitude and encourage healthy communication.
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