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Rhinoplasty or nose surgery has widely been known among plastic surgeons for its common thread of patients who tend to be dissatisfied with their results. Cosmetic plastic surgery is elective so therefore the results are subjective. A quick look at message boards online or anonymous plastic surgery blogs were quickly yield stories of unhappy rhinoplasty patients. Rhinoplasty in itself can be a very straightforward procedure for most patients. The overwhelming majority of patients are extremely happy with their results. Perhaps one of the reasons rhinoplasty has the reputation of having unhappy patients is because it can take up to a year before patients can see the final results. This is in sharp contrast to most cosmetic surgery procedures. Patients who are considering a secondary or revision rhinoplasty should be clear about their choice to proceed with an additional surgery. Dr. Seify explains to secondary revision surgery patients that complications and risks are increased with a secondary surgery. Rhinoplasty patients should be aware that because there is scar tissue from the previous surgery Dr. Seify will have limitations when attempting to improve upon the original surgery. Patients must be realistic concerning how much of a difference they can expect after having revision rhinoplasty. They should also be able to communicate clearly what is they do not like about the previous surgery and be honest concerning their original request from the initial surgery. If the patient communicated to the plastic surgeon that they wanted a very subtle change yet they feel as though the result is not noticeable, this should be communicated when seeking revision rhinoplasty. Patient should also be prepared to hear the truth even if it is not what they had hoped for. Dr. Seify will make the patient to wear if he is uncomfortable proceeding with revision rhinoplasty. The reasons can vary from unrealistic expectations from the patient, to an excess of scar tissue and damaged bone and cartilage which could cause more harm than good. Patients are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify if they are considering a revision rhinoplasty and schedule a consultation.