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Silicone Breast ImplantsSilicone breast implants could possibly use high-resolution ultrasound as a new option for screening and diagnostic testing. A recent online industry article highlighted promise for a new device that can be utilized by surgeons to examine silicone breast implants and determine if the shell of the silicone breast implant has been compromised. According to the article a new study suggest that compact, surgeon performed high resolution ultrasound may have advantages above magnetic resonance imaging (MRI ) when screening for silicone breast implant failure.

Silicone Breast Implants and MRI Alternatives

Silicone breast implants now have other alternatives for screening. Preliminary results from the study showed that high resolution ultrasound provides advantageous visualization of current fourth, and fifth generation silicone breast implants in scanning models. In addition, in vivo surgeon-performed ultrasound accurately identified implant status and associated with radiologist performed ultrasound MRI and surgical findings. The results of the study, “Surgeon-Performed High-Resolution Ultrasound in the Detection of Silicone Gel Breast Implant Shell Failure: Background, In Vitro Studies, and Early Clinical Results,” appear in the February issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. “Our preliminary findings show that portable, surgeon-performed, high-resolution ultrasound is feasible for screening silicone breast implants, matching the capabilities of MRI in detecting shell failure,” said lead author Bradley Bengtson, MD, FACS, a plastic surgeon in private practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Although we are still working to define the role of this technology in the screening and diagnosis of patients with different silicone gel breast implant styles, there are several obvious benefits over MRI, including convenience, cost, availability, and dynamic, real-time visualization of the implant.”

Silicone Breast Implants Popular Choice Among Patients

Silicone breast implants are among the top sought after surgeries. Dr. Seify informs breast augmentation patients who are receiving new silicone breast implants of the FDA recommendation for MRI screening of silicone breast implants. The industry article highlighting the study of smaller, portable more cost-effective diagnostic screening devices that can screen for compromised silicone gel implants is exciting news for patients. The cost involved for MRI screening is often prohibitive for most patients, so this new device that can be operated by a single physician may prove to be a viable alternative. Many patients today have older implants that are likely to be compromised and have a ruptured shell. Breast implant exchange is offered to patients who are in good health and desire to exchange their breast implants for either new saline or new cohesive gel silicone implants which are a superior product to the original silicone breast implants offered in the past.