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Women can access many different health reports. Many are notorious for providing information and studies that may seem to contradict other studies. However, new studies have value in helping women to have discussions with their doctors concerning their lifestyle choices. According to recent NBC news story women who consumed up to seven glasses of wine or beer per week are slightly less likely to suffer a stroke than those who did not indulge in alcohol, according to a U.S. study that covered thousands of women for nearly 30 years. The results,  were published in the journal Stroke, and support the  guidelines from the American Heart Association that recommend women have no more than one drink a day — this does not mean that women who do not drink should start drinking to prevent a stroke, researchers said. “Alcohol is a double-edged sword, because higher levels can increase high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation, which are risk factors for stroke as well,”   said Monik Jimenez, a researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, who led the study.

Women- Health and Lifestyle Choices

Women have specific health guidelines to help them stay healthy.Several reports in the past have proven that low levels of alcohol are associated with a smaller chance of having a stroke. Jimenez and her colleagues collected and analyzed data from the hugeNurses’ Health Study, which tracked the health, diet and lifestyle of more than 83,000 middle-aged women for 26 years. Comparatively they studied the drinking habits of women in the study who had had a stroke, to women who hadn’t. The study is important and should help patients to discuss with their doctor any concerns they may have for their risk of stroke. Alcohol consumption is a widely debated topic as it relates to women’s health.

Women, Alcohol and Surgery Preparation

For patients who are considering plastic surgery whether cosmetic or reconstructive, Dr. Seify does not recommend the consumption of alcohol prior to surgery. As patients prepare for surgery they are encouraged to abstain from alcohol at a minimum two weeks prior to surgery. For cosmetic surgery patients it can sometimes be tempting to indulge in activities including alcohol prior to having surgery. Procedures that may seem routine because of their popularity like breast augmentation and liposuction can cause some scheduled patients to believe that a few drinks the night before surgery shouldn’t make a difference. Preoperative paperwork that is discussed with the patient prior to their plastic surgery procedure advises against this practice and patients should heed all instructions before and after surgery. Alcohol can increase dehydration and also bleeding during surgery. All plastic surgery procedures should be taken seriously. Dr. Seify and his staff are readily available for patients who may have any questions prior to their plastic surgery procedure. Patients overwhelmingly have an exceptional plastic surgery experience with Dr. Seify.