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According to a recent online article, Breast reconstruction was in the news because Suzanne Somers was on Good Morning America Monday morning. She was outspoken about her experience undergoing a debatable new breast reconstruction procedure involving her own stem cells. Somers had a lumpectomy and radiation treatment for breast cancer in 2000. Breast reconstruction was always an option. As an expressive advocate of dietary supplement use and other forms of secondary and complementary medicine, Somers says in a manifesto on her Web site her cancer treatment left her right breast two cup sizes smaller than her healthy breast and flattened like a pancake. But she opted against getting an implant she writes because with the amount of known complications I wasn‘t amenable to risk.

Breast reconstruction using stem cells and fat grafting

Breast reconstruction options were available but most included an implant. Instead, Somers chose to endure a procedure called adipose derived stem cell surgery. A modification on the common fat grafting breast reconstruction procedure in which fat tissue is removed from one part of the body, commonly the abdomen, and aligned along with muscle tissue and blood vessels in the breast. This operation emphasizes the gleaning of stem cells along with the fat. The disengaged tissue is processed in the operating room to intensify the concentration of stem cells. The resulting substance is injected into the breast where the stem cells are theoretically going to mature and regenerate. Somers notes that while “It’s still too early to report long term results the initial results are nothing short of miraculous”.

Breast reconstruction continues to evolve

Breast reconstruction continues to remain an exiting ever changing specialty.The introduction of stem cell research has been incredibly exciting and progressive for all branches of medicine. Breast reconstruction is no exception. Dr. Seify cautions patients as they look towards what many would deem as experimental procedures. Patience is necessary when reviewing these types of options. Most medical professionals would agree that stem cell breast reconstruction does not have the clinical trials and proven scientific evidence to make it a standard recommendation for patients who have had either a lumpectomy or mastectomy. Generally speaking, medical professionals like to see results from no less than 100 cases to view comparative results. Dr Seify is currently participating in the only clinical trial currently being conducted for this purpose. He has an extensive gallery of before and after photographs for prospective patients. Although Somers is famous, her case is still; only one case and patients need to remain mindful of that fact. Dr Seify is committed to state of the art techniques and methods as he continually works to perfect his skills. He is open to detailed discussions with his patients as he informs them of the rewards and risks of all breast surgeries that he performs, which include breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast lift, breast reduction, and secondary revisions and corrections of breast surgeries. We are hopeful that stem cell breast reconstruction will serve as an excellent choice for women. Right now, it’s still too early to tell.  
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