Talking about Breast Cancer

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a battle within itself. The initial shock of the diagnosis, the exhaustive treatments and the reality that they threaten your life can be overwhelming. An important step in beginning the treatment and healing process is to be able to get support from family and friends. Sharing the diagnosis with family and friends can be traumatizing both for those giving the news as well as those hearing the news. The American Cancer Society has recommendations for talking about cancer. According to recent online article they stress that after diagnosis is key for the patient to have a discussion with their doctor detailing the treatment, prognosis and what they should expect in the months to come. Painfully aware of the details and the course of treatment is important as it allows the patient to share information with their loved ones. It can be difficult to talk about the cancer repetitively so the patient may feel the need to tell groups of people, prepare an e-mail, or assign certain people to spread the news. However the patient decides to tell the news is personal and should be respected. Studies have found that having a support group of close family and friends is key and healthy at this point. For some it’s helpful to be involved in a community group of other cancer survivors to share experiences during this time. It is a common misconception that the cancer patient or friends who are the support system and family should act happy and put on a brave front. It is important to be positive; however it is normal to have both good and bad days. Talking to children about a disease like breast cancer can be difficult. It is important for children to know that they are part of the family and that the truth about your illness will help to ease their fears. It is important for them to know what to expect and encourage them to ask questions. Dr. Seify explains to patients who were diagnosed with breast cancer and are considering breast reconstruction that the more information they have upon diagnosis about breast reconstruction the better they will be able to make an informed decision about which methods may be right for them. Dr Seify is part of clinical trials that include some of the most innovative methods of breast reconstruction being performed today. These include stem cell breast reconstruction as well as fat transfer. Dr.Seify works closely with other treating treatment physicians so that patient can expect a recommendation that is consistent with the other they are being given for their breast cancer. Dr. Seify and his entire staff help patients and their families to understand breast reconstruction treatment options and what each patient can expect.

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