The Holiday Facelift

The holidays can be a source of joy and happiness for many people. Often it is a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate. For some people the holidays represent an opportunity to tend to concerns they have with their appearance. Some patients tell Dr. Seify that the fall and winter holidays including Thanksgiving break have a built-in advantage for those patients considering facial rejuvenation procedures. For many patients that Thanksgiving day extended weekend is a perfect time to consider a mini facelift. Scheduling surgery on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving patients who have a mini facelift are often able to go to a desk type of job by Monday. A mini facelift will typically tighten loose skin along the jaw line. It is not as involved as a classic facelift so therefore less work is performed beneath the skin surface. Also, the neck is not included. Patients who are candidates for this procedure tend to be younger and are just beginning to experience the effects of aging. Unfortunately, for economic advantages some patients are misled into believing that a mini facelift is effective for patients who have moderate to significant loose and lax skin on the face and neck. The truth is, while the patient will have some temporary benefit, most will be unhappy as the results will not last very long for the wrong candidate. The patient who has a moderate to significant amount of loose and lax skin will need a classic facelift. This can be an excellent procedure to schedule over the holidays. Most notably, Christmas day through New Year’s Day there is ample time for recovery and most patients are able to return to their desk type position following the New Year. The additional benefits of facial rejuvenation surgeries during the fall and winter months include the likelihood that patients will be wearing warmer clothing including scarves and turtlenecks which can help to hide any residual bruising if necessary. Patients are also less likely to have excessive sun exposure during the winter months. Patients who are considering facial rejuvenation procedures during the holidays are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify‚Äôs office and schedule a consultation.

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