Tummy Tuck Surgery Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck Cosmetic Surgeon | Plastic Surgeon | Newport Beach | Orange CountyA little tightening of your core and you know you are all set to wow the world. All you need to do is meet  Newport Plastic Dr Hisham Seify, at one of his facilities to ask about abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck. If you live around Newport Beach Orange County, CA and are planning to meet him soon, here are some questions you would need to ask him during consultation.

Firstly, ask your cosmetic surgeon about how many such procedures he has performed in the past. Dr Seify is an experienced board-certified surgeon who has vast experience. You would also need to ask your surgeon all about the plastic surgery procedure, how it is performed and so on. Also ask for ‘before, after’ photographs from your surgeon so you get a fair idea of what to expect. Make sure you get an idea of the benefits, complications or side-effects to expect after the cosmetic surgery.

Preparation for tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) cosmetic surgery

Ask your surgeon at the one of the facilities at Newport Beach or Orange County, CA about the kind of preparation needed for the surgery. This could include anesthesia details, duration of surgery, and the diet as well as procedures to be followed before the cosmetic surgery. Find out from Dr Hisham Seify whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedure because there are some people who may be better off without undergoing the procedure. You should explain your medical history to the surgeon to find out about any potential risks or side-effects.

Costs and follow-ups

An important question to ask is the cost involved in the whole process. You should ask the cosmetic surgeon’s team about any hidden costs, and whether there are any financing options for abdominoplasty available at his facility. You would need to know what the consultation fees on the follow-up visits would be as well. Also, if there are any complications and there is need for a corrective surgery, would the facility have a policy on the costs? It is also advisable to ask your cosmetic surgeon if there are any options to pay the fee for the whole process by way of easy installments. In case you change your mind at the last minute and opt out of plastic surgery, would the facility offer a refund policy?

Post-operative care

Finally, and most importantly, ask your surgeon all about the precautionary measures you need to take post surgery to ensure there is no infection. Find out about the healing time and what to expect during each stage of recovery, apart from details on how well the wound is healing. You would also need to find out more about the success rate of abdominoplasty and what kind of corrective measures to expect in case of complications. You would also need to find out about the kind of medications to be expected, the discomfort or pain you may expect and the usual side-effects. You will naturally be curious to find out the time-frame of the final results of the plastic surgery to start showing, so there’ s no harm finding out all about the final look.

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