Tummy Tuck Surgery Risks & Safety

Plastic Surgery | Newport Beach | Orange County | Cosmetic SurgeryAre you troubled by flabby stomach, unwanted fat and loose skin in the abdominal region ? You could visit a cosmetic surgeon in the vicinity to find out if you are the ideal candidate for abdominoplasty. If you live in the Newport Beach or Orange County, CA area, you could visit Newport Plastic Dr Hisham Seify for consultation. Your plastic surgeon will tell you that you are not an ideal candidate if:

  • You have diabetes and have a history of blood clotting.

  • You have heart problems, lung troubles or circulatory system-related issues.

  • You have scars in the abdominal region from previous surgeries.

  • You have a history of reacting to anesthesia during surgery.

  • You suffer from hematoma.

  • You are planning a pregnancy.

Also, some patients may not heal as quickly as the others, which sometimes could lead to another surgery. Few patients may feel a certain amount of numbness after plastic surgery. In rare cases, a cosmetic surgery to remove extra fat and tighten the skin on your belly could lead to severe reactions such as excessive bleeding or infection at the site of surgery. Among other drastic reactions are breathing problems after surgery and necrosis or death of body tissue.

Safety precautions in case of tummy tuck cosmetic surgery

Newport Plastic Dr Hisham Seify will tell you that if you smoke, you should give up on the habit immediately. Also, you should stop consuming alcohol or any kind of medications as it may counter the healing process. A balanced diet may help a great deal as well in the healing process. Some safety measures include using a lot of cold (ice) packs, and enough loose clothing and rest. The best safety step is to go to an experienced surgeon like Dr Seify, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon at one of his facilities in the Newport Beach or Orange County, CA area.

Risks during the recovery stage

During the early stages of recovery, bleeding could be a problem, apart from the risk of infection and accumulation of fluid. When it comes to bleeding, in certain serious cases, an extra surgery may be needed to stem loss of blood. Accumulation of fluid can be handled by draining it. The other problem during the early stage of recovery is separation of the wound, wherein the wound’s edges don’t join. This may lead to a loss of skin.

The side-effects of the cosmetic surgery could last for a while, from slight to adverse. A certain amount of numbness, tingling sensation or pain can be remedied with the help of medications, and your surgeon, Newport Plastic Dr Hisham Seify will prescribe the dosage and duration. The other side-effect is inflammation after surgery; this can be handled by way of a compression bandage which will lower swelling or discomfort.

In the later stage of recovery, the skin may get bunched at both the ends of a surgical cut. The pointed edges may become smooth over a period of time. If not, the edges need to be re-done later, and the scar could get lengthened. Following abdominoplasty, the naval button may look awkward and need restructuring. This would mean more procedures, so ask your surgeon beforehand about all the risks involved, and make an informed choice.

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