What Are The Best Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures and Why?

One of the most challenging dilemmas many new patients face concerning the decision to have plastic surgery is based on the idea of whether you choose nonsurgical treatments(Botox or dermal fillers) or traditional plastic surgery options(tummy tuck, breast augmentation). A recent online industry article raised some specific questions patient should consider when weighing the value of nonsurgical options versus surgical options. Of course these questions are based on a conversation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. According to the article, the first question should be centered around recovery time. Surgical options tend to be more intensive which will typically mean that recovery time will be longer. If recovery time is an issue than the article suggests that nonsurgical choices may be better. It is important to note that recovery time should never be chosen over a patient’s desired result. This leads to the next question. According to the article, patient should ask how long the results will last. Thirdly, the article suggests patient should be realistic concerning their financial budget and what they’re willing to invest. It is important to consider long-term results versus short-term results when considering if a nonsurgical procedure is right for you. Lastly, the article suggests that patients inquire as to whether or not they are interested in a dramatic change. Only the patient can determine what they consider to be dramatic and their readiness for friends and family to notice a difference. Patients who are tentative concerning how noticeable their difference should be may be more comfortable with nonsurgical procedures initially. As an ASP as a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Seify is careful to help patients to understand that there is a marked difference between nonsurgical procedures and surgical procedures. Patienst should not expect the same results although each has benefits that are unique to the procedure. The goal is to exceed the expectations of the patient by helping them understand the best outcome that they can expect based on their specific situation. Dr. Seify encourages patients to utilize both nonsurgical as well as surgical cosmetic procedures to achieve the best overall aesthetic appearance. Patients who are considering cosmetic surgery procedures are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify’s office and schedule a consultation.


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