What is a Mommy Makeover?

Many women have a little trouble getting themselves back into their former shape after childbirth.  In addition, mothers are also likely to put their own care on the back burner after their children are born.  When this happens, they can look to a mommy makeover not only to help them get their bodies back into their former shape, but also to help them feel good about themselves again.  Women can look into a few surgical options at Newport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to get back on the road to restoring their bodies.

A mommy makeover focuses specifically on reversing the effects of childbearing such as getting rid of the last few stubborn pounds that do not want to disappear after childbirth.  More mothers are recognizing the importance of focusing on themselves as part of taking care of their families.  Of course, each makeover will be different for each woman, but there are a variety of procedures that are available with this makeover.  A few popular options include breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction and a tummy tuck.

Many women choose to have breast augmentation as part of their makeover packages.  Sometimes breastfeeding can give the breasts a deflated appearance, so women will want to rejuvenate them.  Drooping or sagging breasts are not the only concerns many women have when they seek augmentation.  Many are also concerned with a lack of volume or stretch marks.  They can achieve more feminine and natural looking breasts through either saline or silicone implants.  This procedure is common and often combined with a few others to get your body back in pre-mommy shape.

Many women combine augmentation with a breast lift in order to get breasts to look full and youthful again.  A breast lift typically removes excessive skin and tissue in order to make the breasts look perkier or in other words, lifted.  There are many techniques that surgeons can use to keep the breasts youthful and firmer for a longer period of time.  The exact one will depend upon the needs and wishes of the patient as well as the surgeon’s recommendations for reducing the amount of scarring and to help the patient recover quickly and without any complications.

One or both of these breast procedures are also usually combined with another popular surgery: the tummy tuck.  The abdomen is one of the toughest areas of the body to eliminate the excess weight gained during pregnancy.  It is quite difficult to get the abdomen muscles to return to their former shape after pregnancy has stretched them.  A tummy tuck can get rid of deformities in the belly button, skin laxity and stretch marks, and leave you with abs that you would want to show off in a bikini.

Liposuction is another common option in a mommy makeover package.  This procedure can target a variety of areas of the body including the abdomen, buttocks, cheeks, chin, hips, knees, neck, thighs and upper arms.  Fat is removed from these areas and they can also be re-sculpted or contoured to create a body one truly desires.  Liposuction is one of the more viable options for those who have nearly reached their weight loss goals but are having trouble getting rid of those last few pounds or the excess fat that stubbornly continues to hold on.

When one is considering a mommy makeover, she should also consider combining procedures if she feels she will need more than one.  There are many good reasons to have all the desired procedures done during the same session.  For instance, it generally costs less to have all the surgery done at once.  Those who are anxious about general anesthesia will only have to undergo it once rather than several times.  Furthermore, it does not take any longer to recover than it would if all the procedures were done separately. In one quick session, you can be in better physical shape than you were before child birth.

Newport Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery understands the needs of its patients and takes into account all the factors that will affect the decision as to what a patient needs.  Mothers can get a free consultation in order to determine whether they are good candidates for the makeover and what their options will be should they decide to go through with the procedure.  Moms should not be afraid to take care of their needs because their happiness will have a positive effect on the entire family.

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