Why Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation remains one of the most sought after cosmetic surgeries. A recent online article attempted to explain why breast beauty is so important. According to the article high, rounded breast, cinched waist, and tight sleeves that slim the arms are visual effects that have affected the psyche, self-esteem, and optimism of women and clothing manufacturers alike. By 1991 an excess of 2 million women became breast augmentation patients. Breast implants are chosen not only for the reason of increasing the bust line. In many cases, women choose to have breast implants for other reasons such as overall body image. For example, there are women who have asymmetrical breast in which one breast is larger than the other. As a matter of fact, this is the situation for the overwhelming majority of women. Other women suffer from what is known as micromastia which is a medical term for underdeveloped small breast. For still other women having multiple children and realizing the effects of childbearing on their breast leaves a less flattering unsatisfying deflated look. Most women fight the desire to look normal when wearing clothing or bathing suits. According to some experts it all comes down to symmetry. Symmetrical males are usually more attractive to women and the same applies to women and their attractiveness to men. Symmetrical human beings have higher growth rates, better health and actually live longer. Many feel that breast augmentation is no different than choosing to have braces with a local orthodontist. The analogy is that people want their teeth straight, symmetrical, and white. This causes them to feel better about themselves and no longer be embarrassed to smile or laugh. Advocates of breast augmentation believe the same holds true for breast augmentation patients. Throughout history, the erotic breast is always pictured as firm and with an upward tilt regardless of the size. The desired appearance is never depicted as flabby, long, or tubular in shape. Human females are the only mammals that develop rounded breast during puberty and keep them throughout their life. It is not surprising to learn that breast have become the focus for women as they aspire to achieve a certain appearance. Dr. Seify explains to patients who are considering breast augmentation surgery that the reasons for choosing the surgery should be based on realistic expectations. Patients who have a sagging component to the breast may receive a recommendation to include a breast lift combined with the breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Seify offers both saline and silicone implants and helps patients to decide which implants would be best for them. Patients can review multiple before-and-after examples of Dr. Seify’s breast augmentation patients prior to surgery.

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