Why Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction and the reasons behind it are often misunderstood. According to recent online article breast reduction is one of the most commonly requested and most predictably successful plastic surgery procedures performed. Many women suffer from the symptoms that are caused from the weight of their breast. For most of them nonsurgical treatments have provided little to no relief. Macromastia which is the medical term for large breast can cause pain and other physical problems. Heavy breast can cause multiple disturbances in the body. Also the impact of macromastia can contribute to obesity as it is difficult to near impossible to exercise with excessively large breast. The symptoms related to macromastia include grooves in the shoulders, numbness in the fingers, shortness of breath, inadequate sleep, rashes under and between the breast, and back pain. For most patients additional medical testing is not needed as the proof of the symptoms of macromastia are straightforward. Mild an occasional symptoms may respond to nonsurgical treatments. Many insurance companies acquired patients to try nonsurgical methods including chiropractic and massage to relieve symptoms prior to approval of payment through the insurance company. Weight loss is also an alternative to surgery often posed by insurance companies. Medical research has shown that even with weight loss patients who truly suffer from macromastia are likely to still experience the same negative symptoms if weight loss is chosen as a form of treatment. Breast reduction surgery also known as reduction mammaplasty is an extremely effective option for patients suffering from macromastia. A multitude medical studies proved that removing the weight from the breast not only release symptoms in most cases but also improves skeletal stability, lung function, quality of sleep, and improved mammography. Most patients are extremely satisfied with the results following breast reduction surgery. Dr. Seify explains to patients that breast reduction surgery has many medical benefits however patients should be aware that there can be challenges to have insurance carriers provide coverage for the procedure. In many cases they may require the patient to seek alternative methods of release prior to approval. The may request documentation to prove visits to the chiropractor or physical therapist. Patients were not able to obtain coverage the of their insurance carrier should consider the benefits of breast reduction and discuss alternative payment methods with Dr. Seify’s staff. Patients who are considering breast reduction surgery are encouraged to contact Dr. Seify and schedule a consultation.

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