Women and Calcium

Women and CalciumWomen have been given the recommendation for many years to increase their calcium intake. Primarily this was for the health of their bones and teeth. In recent years studies have shown that women benefit beyond the bones when their calcium intake is at healthy levels. According to recent online article although 99% of the calcium in the body of women is found in their bones and teeth, the remaining 1% is significant. Researchers believe that calcium may be important in even more areas than bones and teeth. They caution that additional studies will be needed to determine the link; however, the findings are significant. A review of clinical trials in the Annals of Internal Medicine researchers found that by supplementing calcium in women they were able to lower systolic blood pressure in people who had been diagnosed with hypertension. Another study found that maintaining the calcium in the diet of women could reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Calcium levels fluctuate during the menstrual cycle when the estrogen levels increase. According to Susan Thys-Jacobs, MD, the clinical director of the Metabolic Bone Center at St. Luke’s–Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York a review of studies focusing on the calcium intake of women found that over time when an adequate intake of calcium was present in the diet of women, it reduced PMS symptoms which included anxiety, depression, irritability, headaches and even cramps. It is also believed that calcium could play a major part in weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. In the British Journal of Nutrition Study found that obese women who took calcium supplements on a daily basis and then were on a diet diet lost on average 13 pounds compared to those women who did not take calcium supplementation with their diet. These women lost only 2 pounds. Women and overall good health are central to cosmetic surgery. Dr. Seify explains to patients that they must be in good health in order to be a suitable candidate for cosmetic plastic surgery. For patients who have lost a large amount of weight they are often disgusted  and embarrassed by loose and lax skin that is left after the weight loss. Women particularly find this embarrassing as their wardrobe choices are extremely limited by loose and lax skin on the abdomen, breast, and arms. For these patients Dr. Seify will typically recommend an abdominoplasty to remove excess skin from the abdominal area and improve contour. For the arms Dr. Seify will typically recommend a brachioplasty or arm lift. This will remove the loose and lax skin on the upper portion of the arm. For the breast, a breast reduction will help Dr. Seify to remove the excess skin and create a more aesthetically pleasing figure. In some cases Dr.Seify they may recommend breast implants to  improve the fullness in the upper portion of the breast. Patients who have lost weight and maintained a stable weight are encouraged to schedule a consultation to determine if post massive weight loss plastic surgery is for them.

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