Women and Health| Working Moms Report Better Health

womenWomen‘s health appears to be better for those who work full-time than those who are stay at home mothers or part-time workers according to a new study. According to a recent article they have better mental and physical health. Researchers from the University of Akron and Penn State University discovered that women who return to work soon after having children have more energy and mobility and less depression at 40 years of age. “Work is good for your health, both mentally and physically. It gives women a sense of purpose, self-efficacy, control and autonomy. Women have a place where they are an expert on something, and they’re paid a wage,” study author Adrianne Frech, an assistant sociology professor, said in an American Sociological Association news release.

Women Who Work Maintain Their Health Better

Making good choices was also emphasized as part of the way to ensure better mental health for women. The findings were scheduled to be presented Sunday at the American Sociological Association annual meeting in Denver, Colorado. The findings are preliminary and should be viewed as such until published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Working Women Consider Plastic Surgery

Working moms consult with Dr. Seify when they become concerned most commonly with the contour and shape of their body. Many have postponed cosmetic surgery enhancements as motherhood and work have been a priority. For many women they are pleased to learn that with careful planning they can have the cosmetic surgery procedure they desire while working and caring for their family. The most popular cosmetic surgery procedure among this group of women is what is known as the “mommy makeover.” The mommy makeover is a combination of procedures which include an abdominoplasty and breast augmentation. The abdominoplasty takes care of loose and lax skin on the abdomen. Breast augmentation, usually using breast implants helps women to regain their prepregnancy shape and contour of their breast. For most patients the recovery time is about 14 days before returning to a desk type of position. Dr. Seify works closely with his patients to help them schedule their surgery within their lifestyle, schedule, and prior commitments. This is the best way to ensure an enjoyable patient plastic surgery experience.

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