Women’s Health| Not Enough Sleep?

Women’s health is often affected by neglecting consistent sleeping patterns. According to a recent article many women are sabotaging their own sleeping plans by making bad choices prior to bedtime. According to the article, watching an excessive amount of television or staring at your computer all night will affect your body clock. It is best to avoid getting too much screen time before bedtime. All electronic devices should be turned off at least 20 min. before bedtime. Exercising late at night especially a couple of hours before bedtime can energize your body so much that it will be difficult to wind down. Try to complete any rigorous workouts at least two hours prior to bedtime. Worry and stress concerning work can dramatically affect the amount of sleep you are able to get at night. If you find yourself thinking unlimited thoughts the article recommends beginning a relaxing pre-bedtime routine that will include meditation and slow stretching that will help you to sleep. Heavy snacking will also prevent you from going to sleep. Going to sleep on a full stomach can disrupt your sleep cycles. It may be tempting to have a nightcap like a glass of wine before going to bed because it does help you to fall asleep; however, it will affect the quality of your sleep. Dr. Seify explains to patients during their consultation for facial rejuvenation procedures like a facelift, or blepharoplasty that the correct amount of sleep and exercise are essential in order to maintain youthful results following cosmetic plastic surgery. Patients who do not get enough sleep attempt to look older and more worn out. After making an investment in facial rejuvenation patients are strongly encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle including an adequate amount of sleep nightly in order to ensure lifelong lasting results.

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