Women’s Health| Ovarian Cancer Screening Questioned

Women’s Health| Ovarian Cancer Screening QuestionedWomen’s health often consists of screening for everything from breast cancer to ovarian cancer. According to a recent article tests that are routinely recommended to screen healthy women for ovarian cancer may do more harm than good and the recommendation is that they should not be performed according to a panel of medical experts. Dr. Virginia A. Moyer concluded that there is not an existing ovarian cancer screening that reduces death. The screenings which used blood test and ultrasound scans to examine the ovaries do not lower the death rate from the disease and the panel said that they are likely to yield false positive results that could lead to unnecessary surgeries that have high complication rates. Dr. Virginia A. Moyer, the chairwoman of the expert panel, the United States Preventive Services Task Force stated that “In fact, a high percentage of women who undergo screening experience false-positive test results and consequently may be subjected to unnecessary harms, such as major surgery.”

Women’s Health Screenings Controversial

The panel advice against testing applied only to healthy women who have an average risk of ovarian cancer, and not to those who have suspicious symptoms or are at high risk because they carry certain genetic mutations or have a family history of the disease. The panel has also been vocal in making recommendations concerning the routine mammogram screenings for breast cancer for women under 50. Ovarian cancer is among the fastest and most fatal forms of cancer. This year alone 22,280 new cases and 15,500 deaths are forecasted to occur in the United States according to the American Cancer Society. According to the article many doctors will still order the test mostly because currently it is the best screening that we have available. Dr. Seify remains on the cutting edge of women’s health issues and concerns.

Women’s Health and Plastic Surgery

As an ASPS board certified cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon his practice involves women’s health on a daily basis. Cosmetic surgery which is elective is indicated for healthy patients and Dr. Seify is careful to explain to patients the need for certain medical screening test prior to surgery when necessary. Patients who are considering procedures that are popular such as breast augmentation or abdominoplasty are sometimes surprised to learn that Dr. Seify may require medical clearance or a routine mammogram prior to surgery. For some patients this can seem like an inconvenience especially if they have had a previous consultation with a doctor who did not require the test prior to surgery. It is important for patients to remember that health and safety remain the priority especially in cosmetic and elective surgical procedures. Patient should never compromise their health rushing into a cosmetic surgical procedure or searching for a doctor who will not require test prior to surgery. It is Dr. Seify’s hope that patients will understand his concern for their health and embrace his recommendations for testing prior to surgery if he deems them as necessary.

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